Is Faith Actually Profitable?

Last week, we learned together that we eagerly give our time to the things that we love. If we love Christ, we spend time with Him. If we love people, we spend time with them. If we love food, we spend our time eating. Amen? The action of taking time to listen to what God... Continue Reading →


Church(ish)- New Book Now Available!   The story is too familiar. You visit a church and everyone is nice, but no one seems to truly care. The people wear masks of righteousness only to, after you have committed yourself, remove those masks to reveal the face of a horrid witch-like creature. Or, perhaps, a different mask is worn: a... Continue Reading →

The March For Our Lives- Thinking Well?

Welcome to the class that you skipped. Today's lesson: Hasty generalization (the assumption that all conservatives or liberals are a certain way) and ad hominem attacks (attacking someone’s character instead of addressing the validity of their argument). I saw these things over the last few days, in your absence, as proponents and opponents of the... Continue Reading →

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