The Bible Series, Episode 1 Interaction

Last week, we started watching the Bible Series again. This time with our church family at Grace. I wanted to share a few reflections on each episode. In episode 1, there were a few claims that were made that caused me to reflect back on the Scriptures, as we should always do. In fact, that... Continue Reading →


God’s Process in My Brokenness

On Friday there was yet another school shooting. There were ten people who lost their lives and more who were wounded. We ought to lift up the victims and their families in prayer. Our thoughts are with them. My heart breaks when we hear about things like this happening in the world. We always ask... Continue Reading →

Carry On Local Church, The Gospel Didn’t Stop With You.

It is a true statement of most churches, genuine or not, I have been in. They were planted by a missionary or by a local group of people. They talk about evangelism. They talk about sharing the good news of Christ with the community, but that is where the evangelistic work of most local churches... Continue Reading →

Living in Bad Circumstances?

Do you ever feel like you are in the worst possible situation? If you were to design your own life, what would you change? How many negative circumstances throughout your life would you have avoided? Would you want to have more money, more friends, or more influence? Would you want a different family? Would you... Continue Reading →

Yes, The Pope Said Atheists Can Go To Heaven…

I want to make this clear from the outset. I am not interested in blasting the Pope. There is so much hate around what the Pope said to that poor child. Yes, he lied and said something that is inconsistent with Scripture. Popes have been doing that for a long time. Then again, haven’t we... Continue Reading →

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