Jesus Instructed Us To Stay Salty

Jesus is sitting on the side of this mountain teaching His disciples in view of many other people. He has introduced this “Sermon on the Mount” by declaring blessing to the oppressed, poor, and downtrodden. In this section, Jesus begins the instructive portion of the sermon. He is explicitly addressing His disciples (v. 1), those... Continue Reading →


Notes on “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan

On Sunday we reviewed Francis Chan's Letters to the Church. Below is an outline of Biblical usage and some brief notes. Chan’s book, Letters to the Church, begins by asking if all we had was our reading of the Bible, how would we imagine church to function? His thesis is that “God designed the Church to... Continue Reading →

The Beatitudes

Last week we finished the prelude to Jesus’ preaching ministry and began looking at His public preaching ministry. Today we will begin working through what has become popularly known as Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.” This sermon is probably the most famous and most quoted from sermon in the whole of the Bible. Jesus has... Continue Reading →

Is It Okay To Make Vows To God?

Submit your questions using the contact page, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This question came up as we have been walking through Scripture together on Sunday mornings. We spent three Sundays preaching verse-by-verse through 1 Samuel 1. This is the story of God's miraculous work in and through Hannah. While the main idea in the... Continue Reading →

Should Churches Participate In Formal Denominations?

Denominations within orthodox Christianity exist primarily because people disagree on the person and/or work of Jesus Christ. They don’t disagree about small things. Denominations make formal doctrinal statements concerning the authority of God in salvation and the responsibility of people. They make statements about the essential nature of the person and about whether salvation is... Continue Reading →

Everyone is forcing his way into the Gospel?

Submit your questions using the contact page, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Well, it finally happened. Someone asked a question through the blog and I had to pull out my Greek textbooks and relearn the passive and middle indicative. I know, that means much to you. You don’t care about the indicative mood! The question... Continue Reading →

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