The Simple Gospel

The Gospel is simple. Nicodemus, a religious man who was intrigued by Jesus’ ministry, visited Jesus in secret and Jesus taught him what salvation was. You can read this story in John 3:1-21. When we read the text for what it is, we notice a few things about salvation. There was a man from the... Continue Reading →


Should the local church plan outreach? Why?

As we discovered last week, personal evangelism is worked out by God. God works together the circumstances of our lives so that, in those circumstances, His Gospel will be placed in front of the people as a testimony of Him through us. This is the very reason God works together persecution specifically. We are sent... Continue Reading →

Baptism: form follows function

My purpose here is not to consider the practice of baptism in general or to define exactly what baptism is. My purpose is to consider what place baptism has in the church worship service explicitly and the biblical methodology of practicing baptism. Here are my assumptions: Baptism is not required for salvation but is an... Continue Reading →

Ministry Update, making disciples… and releasing them

I remember sitting with a couple friends, Andrew (a different Andrew) and Cody, dreaming about what kind of ministry we could have while in college. Of course, I was prideful- bent on building a kingdom for myself on Christ's name. No dream that we voiced there would ever come to pass. God would not provide... Continue Reading →

A Call To Be People of Prayer and Grace

My heart is grieved this week and I can't share why. I don’t want to. My heart is too broken. It is broken because of human sinfulness and because of divisiveness in this present world. It is broken because I suffer, yearning for others to know the beauty of walking with Christ yet see them... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Hospitality in the Church Service

I want to be very clear about what my goal is through this particular leadership series. This series is meant to evaluate certain practices in the local church gathering in light of biblical principles. I am not condemning any practice, nor am I elevating one practice over another. I am under the understanding that in... Continue Reading →

Empowering of the Holy Spirit

Over the previous two weeks, we have been thinking together about the identity of God as Father and Son. We have seen, in Scripture, that the trinitarian existence of God is no new concept. Even the earliest of human religion recognized the single creator-God and the work of the Son. We saw that both the... Continue Reading →

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