The Christian Message, Condemnation or Peace?

This last week, there was another school shooting. In the aftermath of the school shooting, we heard and read many opinions about what ought to be done. We also heard many people condemning those who disagree with them. Any shooting, in fact, any death, is a tragedy and we ought to keep the families of... Continue Reading →


Another School Shooting: I think we’ve missed the mark

Yesterday there was yet another shooting in another school. Today there is yet another debate on gun control. The left wants more regulation and the right wants more freedom; whatever that means. If I thought for one second that public school violence could be solved with one debate over one issue, I may not be... Continue Reading →

Servanthood Discipleship

When we think about discipleship, we often think of it in terms of pop-culture rather than true biblical discipleship. We develop a model based more on the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker than the relationship that Jesus had with His disciples. Because of this trend in the church, we have developed this environment where... Continue Reading →

What is the Point of Discipleship?

Genuine discipleship seems to be virtually lost in the organized church today. We have many lessons, sermons, classes, conferences, revivals, rallies, concerts, and camps; but genuine humbling and honest discipleship is absent. Most people are not growing more mature in the faith. Relationships with Christ are not deepening. Unity is more and more a rarity.... Continue Reading →

On The 2018 State of the Union Address

Before I address just a couple things that I noticed in President Trump’s Address Tuesday night, I need to make some presuppositional statements. First of all, Christ is neither a Republican or Democrat. He is concerned politically with His own reign and His kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). Christ cares deeply about... Continue Reading →

The Christian and the Outcast

I was recently working a secular job where there was very little actual care for the customers. Every way in which the business was operated only served one purpose, to get customers to spend money and to illicit customers to continue to spend money. Virtually every practice in this retail chain was ingenue or dishonest.... Continue Reading →

Youth’s Place in the Church- Biblical Youth Ministry

Ephesians is a book written by Paul to believers encouraging them to, by the grace of God, pursue unity and maturity in the faith. When we get to Ephesians 6, Paul addresses children specifically as a responsible part of the Christian body. My question regards Paul’s specific address to children. What place do children (what... Continue Reading →

On The Pope’s Changing The ‘Lord’s Prayer’

Just to do away with any misconceptions at the outset, Pope Francis has not yet officially stated that he desires to pursue changing the words in modern translations of the Bible to read differently. He has only stated in an interview that one statement in modern translations mischaracterizes God. You can read the short report... Continue Reading →

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