Should We Teach the Bible, or Merely From the Bible?

Imagine, for a moment, that you are playing in a baseball game. You are playing second base and the pitcher on your team keeps trying to play your position. His goal is to do everything he can to get noticed by the professional scout sitting in the stands. So, he changes roles without the coach’s... Continue Reading →


Church Planting: a temporal picture of God’s eternal mission, pt. 2

Read Acts 13:1 Barnabas and Saul did not spend all of their time at the church in Antioch, what had now become their home church. They were called specifically to missions work and were doing that work under the commission of the church in Antioch. When they returned from a trip on which they were... Continue Reading →

Music Matters and Matters of Music

One of the greatest dividers in both society and in the church over the centuries has been music. Most people love music. It has become an almost essential part of our worship gatherings. It has become such an integral part of our services that when people perceive that it is not done properly it divides... Continue Reading →

Church Planting: a temporal picture of God’s eternal mission, pt. 1

Considering God’s mission, which is both eternal and timeless, we are drawn to think about how we get to participate in that mission while the world is in this temporary state of wretchedness. We think about church-planting, outreach, and even evangelism, and we recognize that these are all momentary works. When Christ’s work of redemption... Continue Reading →

Why Do People Have To Die?

Submit your questions using the contact form, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Death is the most excruciating ailment and the unbreakable enemy of every person. That is the way that we perceive it. We witness death in the world. A family member is with us one moment and it seems like in the next breath... Continue Reading →

Jesus was probably perceived as a hillbilly.

This week, we get to begin walking through Matthew’s Gospel. As we walk through Matthew’s Gospel, I want to pay particular attention to how much of what he wrote was an exposition of the Old Testament Scripture and how much of Jesus said was itself exposition of His word in the Old Testament. There are... Continue Reading →

Is There Really a Place for Preaching and Teaching in the Local Church?

There are a few different philosophies regarding the place of preaching and teaching in the church. Admittedly, I am a little biased. I am a preacher. Different churches have chosen to do things in different ways. There are churches who have much teaching and little of anything else, churches who limit the sermon time to... Continue Reading →

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