Losing my faith

Dear friends, I am afraid that I am losing my faith. In God? No. How could I lose faith in a God that is so real? I am losing my faith in science. How flawed is science today? People have so kept the truth covered, and why? Because it seems that they want to protect theories. This is why I have lost faith in science the way that it is practiced today. It no longer seems to be a search for facts, but for support of certain hypotheses. When did science become so corrupt as to not look at the cambrian explosion, or the discovery of biological machines (both being clear evidence against darwin’s theory). When did science begin to try and write the natural laws rather than discover them? There is only one science I have faith in. That is the same science that God intended as a way for us to discover Him. The same science that led more than six hundred scientists with PhD’s (from universities including Stanford, Barkley, University of Chicago, and Cambridge) to sign a document titled “A Scientific Decent from Darwinism”. I am convinced that looking at true evidence presented by science, we will discover that there has to be a God. Yes. I understand that it is hard to us physical evidence to prove a spiritual being, but at the same time that physical evidence can, and did, prove that there is no way that God could not exist. Obviously, we cannot rely on the teachings of science in public schools and universities today because they simply will not introduce all of the facts. If they did, some of the thoughts that have held precedence for a period of time would have to cease to be taught. In today’s society, I am convinced that I can learn more from the pages of the Bible than I can from our average scientist. After all, did the prophet Isaiah not refer to a circular Earth about 3,000 years before people would be willing to even think about the possibility? Scientist, if you are trying to disprove my faith, you are going to have to step up your game. Be warned, once you begin to step out of your preconceived ideas, you will also come to the realization of the reality of the certainty of the existence of God. The same God who gave us reason and science to use side-by-side so that we could come to know Him. The same God who came to Earth and died for us so that we could have a relationship with Him.


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  1. “Scientist, if you are trying to disprove my faith, you are going to have to step up your game.”
    This is my absolute most FAVORITE quote in this entire blog!! :)) Love it, A-Dizzle!!!


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