7: POWER OF THE SPIRIT (Six Feet Deep)

The earth was now dark and at a loss for hope.
The curtain that hung in the Holy of Holies was torn
completely in half by an angel of the Lord at the
very moment the Spirit of Jesus had departed.
While Jesus was breathing His last, Satan
laughed silently as he mocked the so-called “King.”
Jesus’ Spirit left your world and at once the earth
shook so furiously that everyone in attendance fell
to his or her knees. The power of the Spirit caused
the ground to break open. It caused tombs to
crumble. It caused the bodies of many dead saints to
walk the earth once more.
These saints stood outside of the gate that led
into Jerusalem and were a silent testimony that Jesus
Christ was God, and that the power of His Spirit
was, and still is, worthy of awe and full of wonder.
At the moment when Jesus’ Spirit left the
earth, Satan felt as though his face was being pushed
into the ground were he stood. The power of
Christ’s Spirit dealt a great wound to Satan, but
Satan still believed that he had a chance to foil the
plan of God. He would try and break the Christ on a
spiritual battlefield. He would try his hardest to ruin
the very essence of the character of God. Then he
would bring an accusation against the embodiment
of the Trinity, which is the Father, the Son, and the
Holy Spirit.

(From Chapter Seven ‘Power of the Spirit’ in Six Feet Deep)

Author’s Note:

The above passage reflects some of the events found in Matthew 27. This is one of the most important passages within the book because, quite frankly, Matthew 27 is one of the most important passages within the Gospels. It is not a passage we look at often but it really emphasizes the power that Jesus posesesed even within His earthly body. This partially confirms the beliefe that Jesus was, in fact, God incarnate.

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