Having faith in an intagible being…

Jesus wanted so badly for the people of the
world to accept His message, and He knew that
most of them would never truly accept Him. He also
knew that Satan was attempting to entice Him. Jesus
contemplated what the consequences of this action
might become. It would draw too much attention to
Him. He would focus the world toward His very
own physical body instead of toward God in
Heaven, which was the true relationship He longed
for. Yes, Jesus was God, but at the same time He
was completely man. Jesus refused to draw people
into a dependant physical relationship with His
earthly body. This is why He always pointed to the
Father. He made sure people knew that it was a
spiritual relationship that we all need to be complete
and a spiritual relationship is the only one that
would last for an eternity.
Jesus, still sitting near the edge of the temple
roof, rasped, “On the other hand, it is written, ‘You
shall not put the Lord your God to the test’” (Mat.

(From Chapter 5 in Six Feet Deep)

Note from the Author

Wow. We really have to ask ourselves why Jesus never said outright, “I am God.” Instead He said, “I and the Father are one,” and admitted to being King of the Jews. I really believe that Jesus did not want people to become entirely dependent on His earthly body. Even though Jesus constantly pointed people toward His true spiritual essence, they still became dependent on His incarnate self. We have to realize that God is not tangible like we would prefer, but requires that we have faith in order to have a true relationship with Him. When we have faith, God becomes more tangible. Not in a sense that we can see Him, but that we can feel Him moving within our lives and that we can feel Him comforting us and embracing us constantly. Even if we do not feel God, He is there. That is why Jesus did not want people to depend on His tangible existence.

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