This is a technique that Satan had learned and perfected. He uses it to turn churches against each other, to cause quarrels between brothers, to develop religions, and to subdue the governments of the earth. Now he was using this technique to try and gain entrance to Heaven.  Michael walked up to Jesus and said, “We have won my Lord. Thank you for victory.” Jesus looked at Michael, put his right hand on Michael’s left shoulder, and whispered, “Satan is still here. I will not open the gate yet.”  Satan heard that Jesus knew he was still in their midst. He reached out to the two souls standing next to him, grabbed them by their wrists, took his own form, and darted for the gate of Hell.  Before Satan could make it past Jesus, he found himself unable to move. Jesus had stopped him in his tracks. Jesus stepped in front of Satan and held up His hand so that Satan could see the scar in His wrist. 

(From Six Feet Deep: Chapter 12, Battle for the Righteous)


note from the author,

Satan knows how to make the ways of the world look truly profitable. He knows exactly how to entice the hearts and minds of men, without us even knowing he is around. Satan disguises himself as a good guy. This is true no matter what our perception of the ‘good guy’ is, he will intentionally fit that perception. This is one of the reasons which makes the ways of this world (any act apart from God) seem appealing. This is one of the reasons we, as human beings, can get so caught up in the sin that seemingly so easily entangles humanity.

Satan uses this appeal to 1)keep people from ever putting their faith in Christ (because they are so consumed in fulfilling their own desires in a way that they think is satisfying) and 2)keep those who have already given their lives to Christ from using the very power that lives within them (being effective in reaching the lost). We are all guilty.

Do not be mistaken, Christ already paid the price for our sin, but He did not pay this price to Satan. He satisfied His own wrath so that we could have a place with Him. It is up to us to choose to place ourselves under that payment rather than try to bargain our own way into paradise. Then, we need to use the power that God places within us by the Holy Spirit. Let us get to work soldiers.


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