Just a small ‘Rebellion’, the rest will come


The Christian Church has become complacent. It has embraced the shallow, ritualistic lifestyle that is the embodiment of true religion. We, as time continues to pass, focus more on our religious rituals than our relationship with Christ. We fail to realize that contentment and complacency are two very different ideas. In our eyes, society has become like the decrepit dog that no one wants to take home. In the eyes of Christ, the same type of society was like a sheep without a shepherd. Somehow, I doubt that this Jesus would even be allowed to enter most of our church buildings today. We continue to judge those who belong to the world by Christian standards. We fail, on average, to show the love that Christ would have us show.

Is it any surprise to us that the population of the Church, here on Earth, grows smaller? It has become just another religion. This is the very reason Zephaniah Isaac Payton left the youth group at his home church when he passed the test to receive his driver’s license.

He saw the hypocrisy, the lies, the overemphasis on rituals, and the lack of true love. All he wanted was something real. He did not find that among God’s people.

The above is the preface to my next book, Rebellion. The work is still in progress so the above is subject to change, as it may need to be changed. Please like this page on facebook to keep up with the latest news regarding this work, and please visit WWW.CHRISTOA.COM for more information about the ministry.

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