Those darn children!!!

I realized, two nights ago, just how much I am looking forward to having kids. No, I am not planning on it any time soon. When God does bless me with that great privilege, I will enjoy telling my children what to do, teaching them the ways of the Lord, giving them some of the household chores, making them spend time ‘as a family’, and having them do their own laundry. However, I am aware that there is a possibility that my future children will constantly bicker with one another.

This seems to be a downfall. What sparked the imagination within my mind on this particular subject? I drove my three brothers to a friends house to enjoy a few boxes of pizza and games. When we started back home, two of those brothers decided that they would argue. The argument was pointless, and their voices were beginning to sound like they derived from anger. I asked them to not argue. Needless to say, the argument continued and became ‘hotter’. My next move was to just ignore them. This failed to work as well. The argument flared on. The next thing that I did, which probably was not the smartest move, was yell into the back seat two short words, “Shut up!” They did. I turned the music up and the car was void of human voice until we arrived home.

While at home, I thought about how much of a blessing those two brothers are to me. Yeah, they can be troublesome at times, but I love them. Then I thought about my second approach, simply ignoring the problem, and how I tend to do the same thing with the problem of sin in my life. Too many times I simply ignore it. Wow. Fail.

We cannot simply ignore our sin. The correct way for me to deal with my brothers’ argument would have been to mediate, depending on their willingness. What if we overcame our conflict with sin by allowing God to mediate? I am not sure exactly what this could mean, but it sounds like it could be a powerful way for us to defeat sin. We rely on the Father. We get so focused on defeating our sin that fighting our sin becomes a sin because it steals our focus away from God. When we are focused on God, it is easier for us to kill our sin because we are not fighting it.

James 1:15


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