Before the War

I remember. I remember what it was like before the W.I.H. You know, the War In Heaven. I still don’t understand what thought Lucifer could have possibly had that would have instigated his decision. I distinctly remember learning from Lucifer as he trained me for combat.

“Michael. You must position yourself in a way that won’t leave you wounded. Your initial stance weighs heavily upon the outcome of the battle.”

I was glad to learn from him. After all, he was created with a righteous violent nature. Lucifer was the greatest guardian around God’s throne. I always wondered what the guardians were created for. There was not even one perceived threat until Lucifer tried to steal Heaven. It is still hard for me to believe everything happened. I guess our King knew that in order for us to truly be holy, and thus qualified to spend an eternity in His presence, we had to make a conscious decision to stay.

Lucifer just happened to be the first one to make that decision, creating a single moment when every angel had to choose in whom he would place his loyalty. Lucifer was my brother, but I could not betray my God.

Now, since my brother made his decision, we are destined to war against one another. The earth is our battlefield. The only reason I fight is so that human kind might come to know my God. We fight so that Lucifer does not have the profound influence that he would like. We were even there, in the Garden, before evil existed among mankind. We could not stop Lucifer. I do not see how, but God tells me that it will work out for His plan in the end.

I wish more than anything that I would one day be able to bring Lucifer back to Heaven, but since he was exposed to the fullness of God and still rejected Him, my brother is condemned, but a hero among many men.

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