I was walking outside on Monday morning, thinking about nature and all of the change that occurs within nature. One overarching thought forced its way into my mind. I do not know of anything physical that is not in a constant state of change. The culture within our society is constantly changing. People cannot decide what kind of government they want, who they want to spend the rest of their life with, what major they would like to pursue, and so much more. Everything in nature grows and dies. During that life, various organisms undergo change in size, shape, and activity. Although I disagree with the notion that human beings evolved from some sort of single-celled organism, we cannot refute that new species come into existence from previously existing species. We, humanity, have seen it. How else would we now have so many different types of animals when they would obviously not all fit on the ark that Noah built?

I asked myself one question, “Why did God create a world that changes so much?” Then, after thinking about it, I asked God the same question, “Why did you create a world that undergoes so much change?”

Perhaps change is a part of God’s creative perfection. Allow me to explain what I mean. Many of us believe that God does not change. In other words, He is constant. I have always thought that God’s definition of perfection is different than our own, and it has been revealed to me that much of that definition can be found within the centrality of God’s character, which is love.

Looking at Genesis 2 and Revelation 21, we see that God created humankind because He, not that God belongs to any gender specification, desired to love and be loved. He created us for a relationship. This means that God might have designed ‘perfection’ as something that draws us nearer to Him and is attained at the moment in which we are as close to God as entirely possible. This means that the changing world is part of God’s perfect creation!

The change that occurs within creation, even among the angels in Heaven and on Earth, causes us to see the consistancy and the creativity of our God! If you have a relationship with God, you know that He is constant: constant in His character, constant in His action, constant in His relationships, and constant in and of Himself! When we hope in things yet to come, we can trust in those hopes because those hopes are through an unchanging God who desires a relationship with each and every person that He created!

Do I need to use scripture to defend God’s immutability? No, because God would not be God if He decided to change. However, I do not know if I could call myself a child of God if I did not use the book that He revealed Himself to us through. “For I am the Lord, I change not…” God spoke through Malachi. He said, “I change not.” Despite the context, God states that He does not change, and we can be sure of that today just as Malachi was sure of it more than 2,400 years ago.

This is the reason we can be secure in our salvation. God will not leave us because He is constant. This is the reason we can be assured with our eternal destination. God will fulfill His promise because He is constant. God will bless those who follow Him closely with an unmatchably fulfilling life here on Earth. God created us for that intimate relationship and He is unchanging!

Here is my challenge for you. Commit, if you have not already, to living within the consistency of God. Live in the freedom and security that comes along with that and do not let sin keep you down. God freed us from that law; stop submitting to it. If you have not already, ask God to start the only relationship that will be constant for an eternity and that was made possible through the sacrifice that God gave through Jesus Christ. I long to have you as a brother or sister.


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