“When you try and remember your personal history, it seems all you get is a broken mirror. You can remember key events, but you do not recall what connects those events. These memories have not been repressed or forgotten. The human mind has the ability to store seventy-five memories every second for about eighty years. These memories have simply been compressed so that our mind can store incoming information. The less time we spend thinking about a specific point in time, the more likely that information is to be included in the mind’s compression. After a memory like this has been compressed, it becomes difficult to gain access to. This is called esoteric suppression. I have discovered a method of hypnosis that can uncover these cracks in the mirror. I am very confident that even after the person being hypnotized has been waken up, he or she will remember every aspect of his or her life. Then, if human genes begin picking up on the trend, we will have created a superhuman race with perfect memory. Perhaps, we can give ourselves an advantage in the evolutionary future.”

The vast crowd, which consisted of intellectuals from around the globe, politely applauded Dr. Alan Monte’s speech.

Alan looked out across the crowd and smiled while noticing one individual who seemed particularly out of place among the nicely dressed elite. As he turned to exit the stage, he signaled for one of his partners to join him and began whispering as they left the platform together.

The man who seemed out of place stood up and walked toward the rear of the auditorium once Dr. Monte had left. He returned to his vehicle noticing a flap of paper under one of the windshield wipers. His heart sank. He could not handle another ticket. It was almost as if he was being targeted. His finances were being drained by the Internal Revenue Service, and never seemed to be able to avoid paying some sort of fine.

This man looked up as if to blame his misfortunes on some deity, and as he began to lower his head once again he noticed a sign plastered to the side of the wall of a taller building across the street from where he stood.

“NWG! This is the New America! Register early as a part of the New World Government! Financial Problems, solved with a constant one-world economy! No war with a one-world police force! Claim your stake in the New America today by registering at your local NWG immigration office!

The sign also beheld a picture of the key leaders in the NWG movement. Each one held a position in the Office of the United Nations, which had just recently grown to include one leader from all of the currently existing nations on the earth. Rumor was that every nation would agree to take part in the movement.

This man reached down to take the ticket from under his windshield wiper as his peripheral vision caught the sight of another man walking toward him. He turned quickly and recognized that this was the man that Dr. Alan Monte had signaled as he was leaving the stage.

The approaching man began to speak, “It’s already taken care of.”

The man standing by his car did not know how to respond, “What do you mean?”

Dr. Monte’s assistant restated his message, “Your ticket. It is already paid for.”

“Who are you?”

Dr. Monte’s assistant, standing far enough back that his face could not be recognized replied, “That does not matter right now. What does matter is that I wish to help you with your current financial situation.” The mysterious assistant reached into his coat pocket, pulled out a business card, and dropped it to the ground, “Tomorrow. Six o’clock p.m. This is the only time I will make this offer Mr. Turnaday.”

The man turned around, placed his hands in the pockets of his trench coat, and walked back into the building where Dr. Alan Monte had given his riveting speech.

Mr. Turnaday kneeled to picked up the recently dropped business card while thinking aloud to himself, “Very mysterious.” Turnaday opened his driver’s seat door and got into his vehicle. After closing the door, he turned on the overhead light so that he could better examine the card. It was almost blank. Though no ink was used on the card, Mr. Turnaday could make out an impression that indented the surface.

“Williamsburg Bridge and Clinton St.”

This location was not far from the university that Mr. Turnaday was about to leave. Mr. Turnaday did not know the decision that he should make. He was in such a financial crisis that he would either have to sell his soul to the upcoming government, or take this mystery job. The least he could do was go and meet whomever it was that he was going to meet, as long as they were meeting somewhere public.

6:00 pm the following day…

Mr. Turnaday arrived in a taxi at the intersection of the Williamsburg Bridge and Clinton Street in New York City. In the median, he saw what appeared to be a stone gazebo. He assumed rightly that this was the meeting place, so he cautiously walked toward it and stood in the center waiting. Mr. Turnaday looked at his watch to see that it was 5:58. After he waited, he glanced at his watch again. This time it read 5:59. After waiting for about thirty more seconds, Mr. Turnaday recognized the trench coat that Dr. Monte’s assistant wore. The man wearing it walked up to him and began to talk,

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to remember everything that has ever happened to you? Every choice that you have made? What would it be like if you not only remembered those things, but suppressed generational memories as well? I am going to be completely blunt with you so that you are not left in the dark. We have a certain need to trace your specific generational memories. We have heard some rumors that may or may not be true, and we have the means through this revelation method of hypnosis to discover the legitimacy of those rumors. As you may very well understand, there are certain reasons that I cannot disclose some information to you: mostly so you can claim plausible deniability should we discover anything controversial. We have tested the method on human beings, and you can rest assure that it will not have significant psychological implications. Before you say yes or no, know that you will be paid $5,000 for the first week of your unofficial employment. We do need an answer tonight.”

Mr. Turnaday listened intently for the time that Dr. Monte’s assistant spent talking. After he finished, Mr. Turnaday held one fingure up as if to say, “Hold on one second,” took his phone from his pocket, pressed two buttons and held the phone up to his ear.

After a few moments of talking, Mr. Turnaday placed his phone in one of his pockets, returned to where Dr. Monte’s assistant stood, and said, “I will take this mystery job. But one week is all I am giving, and I expect at least $1,000 up front.”

The mysterious assistant turned and motioned for Mr. Turnaday to follow him, “I think we can do that Mr. Turnaday.”

Mr. Turnaday followed the assistant into a building that looked as if it where falling apart on the other side of the street. On the back wall, across from the front door, Mr. Turnaday saw a handmade banner that read, “Rebellion – NYC – President Joshua Fehring.” There was also a cross spray painted on the back wall that very closely resembled the style of an anarchy sign. One thought went through Mr. Turnaday’s mind as he was led through this building,

“What am I getting myself into?”


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