Get Me Out of This Box


We are not pacifists

We were commanded to make war

We were chosen to stand out

If necessary, we will throw our fists

We are not prejudice

We know that God loves all people

For that reason, so do we

We do not judge by gender or by color of skin

We are not in business

Seeking a better life for ourselves

Instead, we are in service

Seeking a more abundant eternal life for those around us

Our faith is not blind

It is Confirmed








Our faith results from a search for understanding, not a lack thereof!

Our faith is not one of ritual, but one of life and action

Our Bible is not disjointed, revised, or ‘improved’

It is the most historically supported collection on the planet

It is the same today as it was more than 2,100 years ago

Contradictions DO NOT exist unless quoted out of context

Most of all, we do not claim to know all

To follow God is to admit that we were initially wrong

To admit that we were initially wrong means that we can be wrong again

We cannot follow God unless we have an Open







In fact, that’s how you know the relationship is true

We would not readily admit we were wrong to chase something that was a lie

We would not readily change, but there is an obvious difference

Stop assuming that the ‘Christians’ on television actually accurately represent an image of who God’s people are.

Stop assuming that everyone who claims to be a ‘Christian’ accurately represents an image of who God’s people are.

Stop pretending like we are in this to get something, when God calls us to give up everything we have, including our own lives.

If you are going to stereotype, at least do it right.

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  • Powerful !! “Not to us!! But to His name be the glory”!! 😉

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