The Greatest Horror Story

“There are things that you will never understand, things that you will never know.”

This is what my Father would tell me, and my only problem was curiosity. I wanted to know those things. I lived in my Father’s garden, surrounded by the most beautiful trees and married to the most beautiful woman. Still, there always seemed to be something there with us, something other than the animals and the plants, something I did not know or understand.

While tending to my daily work, I would hear an apple drop from a tree or the whistling of a light breeze or the breaking of a twig. I would turn to realize nothing was there. Then, from the direction I once faced, I would hear my name being called neither by my father nor by my wife. It came from a source that I did not recognize.

I would go to my Father and ask about the strange voices. His answer was always the same.

“There are things that you will never understand, things that you will never know.”

He would tell me the only thing that mattered was the relationship I had with Him, and knowing that mystery would ruin the relationship we had.

The voices became more and more prominent as I worked day after day.

“Adam,” the lovely, ghostlike voice would say, “Adam… Adam…” I would turn and look. Sometimes I would see nothing. Sometimes I saw the fading silhouette of something that looked like me, only with wings.


One evening, as my wife and I were about to fall asleep, we heard something like a twig break in the distance. Only, it sounded much bigger than a twig, almost like an entire tree had snapped in half. We got up knowing that we needed to check on the garden my father had entrusted to us.

As we walked, I noticed that three pairs of footsteps were sounding against the earth, not only two. I turned around quickly, looking to our right and our left and behind us. No one, nothing was there. We began to walk again, toward where we thought the first sound came from. My wife jumped, almost pushing me over while tightening her grip mercilessly on my hand.

“What is it?” I asked with almost a whisper.

“I felt something…”

I motioned for her to stay quiet, and we started walking again. This time we walked as if trying to sneak up on something, which we often did while playing with the animals. We would slowly move from one tree to the next. With every step we got closer to where we thought the initial sound came from.

“Adam,” I heard the beautiful voice again. With only the stars and the moon as light, the voice also sounded very eerie.

I stopped and my wife stopped with me. “Did you hear that?” I whispered.

“Yes,” she whispered back, “I hear someone calling my name.”

We stepped closer only to notice a source of light that had not been present in my father’s garden before. There were two dark blue lights shaped like eyes and small. They seemed to look straight at me. My wife felt as if they looked straight at her. We froze and I felt all of my muscles tightening up. The lights dimmed, and then lightened again almost as if they were blinking. We heard something with many appendages begin to move. It sounded almost like a crawling serpent or centipede. We also saw the lights, and heard the movement getting closer and closer and closer.

There was a sound like wind just before the lights disappeared and all we could hear again were the insects singing the song they were created with. In front of us, we could barely make out the image of the forbidden tree. My Father told us that the fruit from that tree would bring death along with it. I was not sure what death was, but it did not seem good like the rest of the world.

My wife and I returned to the place where we usually slept. We did not find anything out of place, but we would need to look again when the sun rose in the sky.


I was not sure that I could live with the curiosity I had, the curiosity that grew within me, the curiosity that startled me and drew me closer.



To be continued… (I hope to elaborate on this one a little more in the future!!)



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