Supernatural Phenomenon

“What the heck? TV just fuzzed out. I thought this new provider was supposed to be legit.”


“Honey, stop complaining at least we have a TV.”


“Beep. Beep. Beep. We are sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. We have received word from an overwhelming number of viewers that there may be a supernatural phenomenon happening right here in Oklahoma City. Thousands of cars have been reportedly forced off of the highways and other main roads, houses are falling apart, and some individuals are calling this the end of the world as we know it. Chuck, do we have a video feed? Oh my… Are those bodies? Ladies and gentlemen we have what looks to be an infinite number of bodies coming out of the ground and destroying anything they pass through. Chuck! What is that in the sky? It looks like a second sun. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like the bodies that are rising out of the ground are consciously making their way toward what looks to be another sun floating in our atmosphere. Is there any way we can get a chopper up there Frank? All of the dead bodies are floating in the sky around this light. Ladies and gentlemen, this phenomenon looks as if it covers much more area than just Oklahoma City. In fact the light looks like the sun when it is just above the horizon in the early morning. What we are looking at is the edge of where the bodies that have gone up into the sky come to a stop. Frank, where is that chopper?”


“What in God’s name is happening out there?”


“Honey, please don’t curse at the TV. Come eat some dinner.”


“Babe, you need to come see this.”


“We are receiving reports that mass numbers of people are gathering in the parking lots of local churches. They claim to have heard something that sounded like a trumpet. There are also many people that did not hear the sound. They are claiming that Jesus Christ is calling them all home. We will standby to see how this story develops. Frank, do we have video in the air? What in the world is going on? What? We can’t get high enough? What? The church groups are ascending? Ladies and Gentlemen, the groups we observed meeting in church parking lots are floating into the air. They are floating into the air. Ladies and gentlemen they are joining the dead bodies in the air. It seems as though Jesus Christ may actually be calling home those who belonged to His church.”


“Oh my…”


“Honey, look at the neighborhood.”


“We are going to look for answers to the best of our ability, but something tells me that everyone who knew what just happened, is in the sky. What’s this? The light has disappeared, and the mass number of people, both dead and alive, along with it. Beeeeeeeeeeep.”


‘Emergency Broadcasting System

This is not a test

Please stand by for further instruction’


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