Once, twice, maybe three times a day

Always open, all you can eat buffet

Death conquered, life sustained

Consumed with love, grace like rain

Convicting truth through the pain

Revealed therein holiness attain

To starve selfishness, eternity gain

Replace, replace, consuming change

To know, to know the price You paid

Suffered Your wrath and bought my pain

Opened a door, I’ll never be the same

Let me never fail to share as I am changed

Let me never fail to lift Your holy name

To you be glory, honor, power, and fame

Jesus Christ, of You I am unashamed

Once, twice, maybe three times a day

Your Word is opened, read and obeyed




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Andrew Paul Cannon

Andrew is the lead pastor at The Church at Sunsites and the president of Christoa Ministries, INC.

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