Idea Behind Rebellion

I went to Falls Creek, which is a Baptist camp in Oklahoma, for the first time as a sponsor in 2010 with the church where I was interning. One evening, I was listening to the message that was presented in our cabin by a man named Robert Smith with Upside Down Ministries. He told us of a dream he had in which he was presented with the phrase, “This is the year that the youth rebel.” I began to think about this phrase, and it haunted me because every time the word rebel is used in God’s word, it is used with a negative emphasis. Was this really the year that the youth would all choose to rebel against God? Later that summer, I went to another camp as a team leader. We arrived the Saturday before camp started so we could get to know the rest of our team. On Sunday evening, my roommate and I were praying over the rooms that campers would be staying in. I walked into one room and began to pray for the students that would be staying there. It suddenly became difficult for me to find words to pray, and even more difficult for me to speak. I stood in the silence, and felt something in the room with me. I heard, not audibly but in the back of my head, “Andrew. I am going to use you to lead a rebellion.” I did not understand. “What?” I asked out loud. I heard the same words a second time, “I am going to use you to lead a rebellion.” I began to think about what was meant. The message was clear, but it was a mystery and remains a mystery to me for now.

Rebellion against God has been normal for humanity since Adam and Eve decided to rebel against God by eating the forbidden fruit. In fact, this type of rebellion is glorified and even set as a standard for every aspect of popular society. God, through Jesus Christ, told us that we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. If popular society glorifies rebellion against Christ, then following Christ is rebelling against the false standard that popular society glorifies. In fact, when we follow Christ, we declare war with the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of our world. That is our rebellion.

You see, I believe that God told me He was going to use me to lead a rebellion. I know that we cannot be leaders without first being servants, and I know that the rebellion I encourage is rebellion against this world. The idea behind Rebellion is exactly that: Rebellion. Let’s impact the globe for Christ.

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