“Where did you get this?”


One man stood in a dark room facing another who was sitting and bound with rope. He held up a sheet of paper, “Tell me. Where did you get this, and why are you keeping it?”


The man sitting in the wooden chair looked toward the piece of paper and struggled to reply, “I, I got it from you.”


“Do not play games with me!” The man holding the sheet of paper turned and switched on a heat lamp that was facing the man in the chair, “Who owns the other pages? How many others are there? Why do you not carry the mark?”


“Th, there are too many of us for you to catch. These documents will never be completely destroyed. A, and you know that t, the N-W-G d, oes not have complete au, authority.”


“The N-W-G has authority to sentence you to death without a trial because you do not carry the mark. That sentence will be carried out if you do not give us names and an address,” the interrogator kneeled in front of the captive briefly shielding him from the heat of the lamp and looking into his eyes.


“N, names and a, address for w, what?” the captive spat into the face of the interrogator.


The man holding the sheet of paper recoiled, stepped back, and turned on a flashlight toward the sheet of paper. He brought it closer to his face and began to read, “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God… You know that this is blasphemy? Treason?”


“Y, you know th, that there i, is a worse trea, treason…”


The interrogator switched off his flashlight and walked toward the room’s exit, “There is no higher authority than the N-W-G.” He exited.




I cannot wait to begin this project, will continue working on the plot and actual story.



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