47 More Days

In 47 more days Rebellion will will be released, and you have the opportunity to purchase the book at the cost of production!

“What happens when one high school student’s search for something real results in the realization of a truth that leads him to give up what he thought were the most important things life had to offer? What if one student’s choice to live completely committed to that truth had the potential to change the world forever?”
In order to secure you copy of Rebellion at the cost of production, you must rsvp and attend the release party. Check this out, the party is free to attend and the only thing that costs you is your copy of the book!
Since I do not believe in having a party without changing the world, we will also take the opportunity to support Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, here in Oklahoma City.
Don’t know if you would be interested in the book? Feel free to take a moment a read over the first few pages here. There will also be a chapter-by-chapter devotional to parallel the book!
How can you rsvp? It’s not too late. You can rsvp by emailing me. andrewpaul@christoa.com Be sure to include names of guests you will be bringing (including yourself), and whether or not you would like to reserve a book and/or purchase a rebellion t-shirt.

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