One of those Days

One of those days

I simply want to quit

Seems like there’s no way

I can’t seem to get with it

God, I’m trying and trying and trying to serve

Still it seems, for the moment at least

A punching bag is all I am on this earth

A punching bag that is covered in dirt

Where do I go, I don’t know where to step

Every footprint brand new

Destructive criticism abundant, reinforcement few

At least in my perception, my view

Perseverance weakening, this is so rough

Cutting so deep, my own brother, Your son

What of Your work, Lord? Your race, how can we run?

If slander’s profound, shot like a gun?

Am I done?

Should I leave today?

Stop getting in the way?

Find a new place?

Would the problem go away?

God, is this truly where you’ve called me?

Is this where I need to be?

Lord, clear my mind, help me to think

I know you never said this would be easy

Still, I did not foresee, I did not expect

The trouble I have, from one of the best

This ensuing dilemma, quite the test

Seems to be halting Your progress

This is the reason, I have no doubt

Previous leaders have not stuck around

I understand how he feels, Lord, I really do

The best fix I have is to leave the group

Should I, or should I continue to troop?

Lord, I’m not here for him, I’m here for You

Should I stay or leave, Lord tell me please

Today, I do not feel like this is where you want me to be…

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