Late Night Rant #1

The Atheist

You stand and create your own belief system based on what you see and what you feel and what you think.

Still, you fail to realize the inconsistency despite how plausible it may be, each thought individually.

Every thought is derived from a speculated interpretation of certain evidence, all interpretations relative.

You claim fact even though the very idea behind relativity is contradictory to itself, and fails to live.

See, by definition truth cannot contradict itself, nor can it be deniable in any way.

And if any relative idea or thought contradicts any other, then with any relativity we must do away.

Your truth calls mine a lie and my truth does the same to your claim.

If we so have contradicting truths, the truth is in fact not truth because it is a contradiction.

The only way to find truth is to rely on something besides ourselves, doing away with relativity.

So, we say we rely on science, but most scientific fact comes from human speculation supposedly based on the evidence at hand.

If science is based on human speculation, are we not still then relying on ourselves? Is scientific fact not still relative?

Evidence and fact always changing, it is difficult to keep up with truth because according to the relativity within science, truth is changing, and if truth is changing is it not contradictory? Truth cannot contradict truth.

We must rely on something else. If we knew all of history, assuming that it was recorded accurately, we could rely on it. The only way to know would be to see, and we cannot.

The only way to overcome this problem is to rely on one who does know and can see all of history accurately.

See, absolute truth cannot exist without God because without God, all is relative. If all is relative, then all must be contradictory.

Science, which is so often used as a tool to disprove the existence of a god, does not overcome the problem of speculation (due to relativity) unless it is placed on a proper foundation. That foundation cannot be relative, and to be honest things happen that even contradict the laws of physics. God is the only constant and therefore is the only proper foundation for science. Step beyond speculation.

See, with God we can discover and know. With self, discovery and knowledge are relative and therefore not truth. God is the only way we can understand, and without God we settle for not being able to attain understanding outside of the realm of relativity.

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