Late Night Rant #2


I can’t stand it.

Music, movies, games that seem to include everything that I stand against!

It seems they all now openly represent, in the wrong light, sex, drugs, language, violence, and self-promotion.

The worst part is, my brothers and sisters in Christ not only sympathize, but also support what should be the false representation in the media we are exposed to. PLEASE READ JAMES 4!

For those who run the media: Yes, sex sells, but I will not buy into it! I hate it when you take a movie that should be good, and then pollute it with excessive language, promiscuity, sex, and hatred. And yes, hate is a strong word.

You cause men to believe that they can expect things from women that should never be expected, and you cause women to give into those expectations when there are men who will undoubtedly respect them as the created masterpiece that they are.

I am not against entertainment, only against some of what is represented within the entertainment industry.

I am not against sex, only sex outside the bonds of marriage and I never want to see someone else publically practicing on the big screen!

I will not support promiscuity, the representation of supported drug abuse, language that tears down and does not build up, un-justified violence, and prideful self-promotion.

The media we, as Christians, expose ourselves to is a testimony to the people that we are. If we are to live according to our identity in Christ, what type of media should we then expose ourselves to? We are different. START ACTING DIFFERENT!

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