Late Night Rant #4


I am thoroughly convinced that most of our kind is sadly mistaken.

Why is it that we think we have to be the way that most of us are?

Carrying a blade, concealing a nine mil., having that supermodel woman hanging off your arm and doing other things that would be unspeakable in a public blog, are few things that make us think we are in control.

Why do you continue to treat the women in your life like dirt. It has been the socially accepted trend for so long now that those women aspire to be dirt.

When will you realize that one of the only ways to be a cut above the others (to be a true man), is to start respecting women, first as friends, and then as mates. They do not deserve to be treated as they are being treated. It’s time to stop the social and physical abuse, the sexual pressure, the mental discouragement, and the proclaimed ownership. It’s time to start the true relationships, the encouragement for sexual purity and modesty, the mental strengthening, and the giving freedom. A real man will strive for love instead of resorting to slavery.



Why continue to let the men in your lives treat you with disrespect. You were made from man’s rib, to stand by his side, not be trampled on by him.

You do not have to resort to being instruments of sexuality when you deserve a loving commitment.

Why continue to present yourselves as tools by dressing immodestly, speaking indecently, and allowing men to trample over you with their presumed authority. You can not expect men to treat you respectfully while you, in your speech and presentation, provoke the lustful feelings in our hearts. Before you can expect men to respect you, you must respect yourselves.


Men and Women

If you fist follow God and then love one another.

If you respect one another and yourselves.

If you do not encourage or partake in promiscuity.

If you encourage modesty and sexual purity.

Allow me to applaud you. As for the rest, learn how to love…

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