Rebellion Initiated

After much anticipation, Rebellion is finally available for the general public! Follow the fictional story of Zephaniah Isaac Payton as he struggles through what it could actually mean to live for Christ within a society who denies Christ. Walk in the story as interesting questions about what being a Christian actually means are brought to light. What might it mean if God’s people actually lost themselves in their relationships with Him?

“Is God a control-freak?”

Pastor Jonah thought for a moment, “I think that if God was a control-freak, He would have created the world a little bit differently. Just the fact that we have the ability to choose tells us some about God’s character. God rules over everything. Let me ask you something Zeph. Do you think it takes more power to work all situations, or to work in all situations?”

Zeph hesitated, not being completely sure what the difference was, “Ehh, In all?”

Jame responded almost instantly, “Yes! God obviously has the power to create a world in which He meticulously controls every aspect, but He did not. He created a world with free will. You see, just the fact that God works in all situations as opposed to working the situations themselves is a greater testimony to His power. So, God is able to show more of who He is by not being a control freak. This only supports the idea that God wants a relationship with every human being on the earth, even the author of this book.” He reached out and tapped the book that Zeph sat on his desk.

                               – Excerpt from Rebellion pg.143

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Thank you to all who attended the release event.

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