Re: Evolution

From: concerned atheist

Subject: Evolution

To: Dedicated Christian


Dedicated Christian,

You probably hear this more than you care to, but nonetheless I have decided to inquire according to this issue. More and more, as time progresses, general human knowledge also progresses and, though we cannot confidently claim how the origination of the universe came about, we are getting closer in our research and have discovered some things that do not necessarily agree with what your “Holy Book” teaches.

My concern, then, is one in relation to religious indoctrination. My fear is not that your particular group is teaching good morals, but working against the progress of general human knowledge and, therefore, paralyzing the capacity for intelligence in younger generations. This is especially true concerning the fact of evolution.

Your Bible clearly indicates that the entire universe was created within the confines of six days. It also claims that God brought about the individual existence of all creatures at separate times, or on different days. Today, we date the solar system we live in to be about 4.6 billion years old and we have found, due to processes like natural selection and speciation, that life came about and evolved over a much larger period of time. To deny such evidence, and such progress, is closed minded on the end of your religious organization and causes the younger generation, whom you are teaching, to so avidly deny the facts at hand.

Please know that I am not “attacking” your faith, or trying to make you question your God. I am simply concerned for the young people whom you are teaching.

Signed, Concerned Atheist


From: Dedicated Christian

Subject: Re: Evolution

To: concerned atheist



I understand your concern and empathize deeply. Because you feel the way that you feel, I am sure you will understand the concern that I have regarding the Godless, or secular, arena of learning. First of all, I must state that this e-mail will not be dedicated to defending a six-day creation or to disproving the theory of evolution, micro or macro. I will simply spell out my concerns in response to your own.

Our “Holy Book”, as you stated it, challenges humanity to look beyond itself for answers within the universe. It challenges us to leave behind the relative, irrational interpretation of most human-initiated organizations. This is true especially concerning the issue of evolution.

See, by classifying yourself as an atheist, you already limit the approaches you can take toward education. By default, you have to choose evolution (by way of random mutation) because it is the only plausible way that life can emerge without involving some sort of Creator. This is the only position you can take on the issue, because someone who doesn’t believe in God cannot claim that God created anything.

This is not true for the person who believes in God. See, as believers in God, we recognize that God could have brought about this wonderful creation in any manner that He so desired. We are open to the possibility of a six-day creation, while also being open to divinely guided evolution. In fact, many Christians disagree on the issue because, ultimately, God can do as He pleases. We can walk through that “Holy Book” if you would really like to.

This fact alone means that all religious people, not just Christians, are more open minded than the ones who claim to be atheists. This allows a greater basis for any type of education. My concern about secular education is that it defaults to one view because the Godless people involved simply cannot accept anything else because of what they believe to be true. This means that, according to your own philosophy, secular humanity is guilty of both indoctrination and closed mindedness.

I hope to hear from you again, Dedicated Christian

P.S. Let’s walk through God’s Word together.

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