What do we remember? Memorial Day (2012)

While we sit at home pursuing and advancing in our intellectual reasoning, religious convictions, political transactions and our monetary success, there are those who have given up their lives so that we can enjoy such pleasantries. The great heroes of this nation who paid the greatest price for the freedom we enjoy and, much too often, take for granted are not the bureaucrats sitting at an office desk. They do not hold the title of President or Congressman; judge or attorney. No, the great heroes of this nation bear the name soldier. They fought, and fight, so that the politicians can be elected and not chosen for us, so that we can introduce the free world to Jesus Christ, so that we can pursue an education, own property and earn our own income. Though we may not always agree with certain government officials, we owe it to our soldiers to remember. We owe it to our soldiers to thank them for their efforts. We owe it to our soldiers to pray for their protection and return.

For the ones who not only risked their lives, but gave it for this country and for our freedom. You will not be forgotten. Thank you. “No greater love is there than this: that one would lay down his life for a friend” (John 15:13).

While we are cooking out and spending time with family this memorial day, let us not forget the reason that we have to celebrate.

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