Drinking is a sin… At least, in America…

There is no scriptural reference that explicitly states that drinking is wrong. In fact, in the recent research that I have done, it seems as though American Christianity was the first branch of Christianity that has referred to the act of drinking as a sin, and it has done so outrightly. I found this interesting. Whereas many American Christians find even the act of drinking intolerable, Christians abroad debate theology over a glass of wine. Because there is no explicit passage in scripture against drinking, the International Mission Board was forced to equate their intolerance for drinking as simply a “company policy”. While drinking is not explicitly restricted within scripture, even as Christ drank wine with His disciples, the act of getting drunk is.

And don’t get drunk with wine, which leads to reckless actions, but be filled by the Spirit:

19 speaking to one another
in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs,
singing and making music
from your heart to the Lord,
20 giving thanks always for everything
to God the Father
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
21 submitting to one another
in the fear of Christ.

(Romans 5:18-21)

Still, I believe the question, “Is it a sin for Christians to drink?” is undeniably the wrong one to be asking. Hence, I will not spend much time on this topic. I will only offer a simple equation:

1. God created us to glorify Him

2. God is glorified when we submit to Him

3. If God created us to glorify Him, then we only glorify Him when we submit to Him

4. If we submit to any other power, then we fail to glorify God

5. If God created us to glorify Him and we fail to glorify God, then we fail to serve the purpose that God has for our existence.

Not giving ourselves into alcohol is not just about us refusing to get drunk. It is about us not giving control of our bodies over to anything, or anyone other than God. This includes alcohol, women, men, religion, regulation, work, time and ministry. As for whether or not drinking in itself is wrong: we should rely on how God convicts us regarding the subject. As for me. I will never willingly give my body over to be controlled by anyone or anything other than God. That is what staying sober is really about.

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