Re: I just need to escape reality

To: Guy who has life figured out

From: I just want to be happy

Subject: I just need to escape reality


Guy who has life figured out,

I have been trying and trying to be the good person who legitimately searches for truth and who deals with his problems like a man should. However, the more I search for truth and the more I try and deal with problems, the more unhappy I am and the more I get hurt. I am to the point now where I just want to run away: to escape reality. I am happier that way. I don’t need religion or truth. I just want to be happy. Thanks for caring, though.


To: I just want to be happy

From: Guy who has life figured out

Subject: Re: I just want to escape reality


I just want to be happy,

You, my friend, have just stumbled upon one of the greatest secrets by which humanity lives. A vast majority of people live under the guise of being real when, in reality, they choose to ignore something great so that they can be happy or so that they can avoid problems and confrontation. Many scientists ignore the speculation within their own theories so that they can rely on themselves for the answers to many questions. Religious fanatics ignore much evidence so that they can continue to believe what they believe and remain happy. A son or daughter may ignore the fact that his or her father is having an affair so that they can stay happy at home. All of humanity has the tendency to ignore problems and truth so that they can maintain some sort of happiness.

My question to you, then, is this. Are you willing to be like every other human being on the planet? Are you willing to conform to humanity’s everlasting capacity to ignore problems? If you want to be a cut above the rest of humanity and if you want to genuinely be “real”, then you are going to have to resolve to search for answers in every circumstance no matter how it affects you.

You are also correct in one instance, friend. You do not need religion. By means of religion we develop a certain system of beliefs and vow never to change them no matter what evidence is presented. Religion provides just as much speculation, if not more, as science does because it was developed by imperfect human beings. What we need to do, is find something that is greater than ourselves to rely on. As long as we are only searching for happiness, we will only be concerned with ourselves.

Allow me to challenge you to go beyond your own happiness. The few who do that are the few who deserve true respect and the ones who will be satisfied on a level much deeper than happiness. Look for answers, don’t create them.

P.S. I don’t have life figured out either, but I am looking for answers every day.

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