On the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting

For a few days now, I have been thinking quite heavily about the atrocious violent acts that were committed on December 14, 2012. It seems that everyone wants to push some sort of political agenda regarding the event. Anti-gunners would love to say that “the guns were purchased legally” (CNN) and that this tragedy could have been prevented if we had tighter gun control. Even to the point of Obama’s comment calling for immediate action, anti-gunners have twisted it to spark, once again, the gun control debate. They fail to realize that even though the guns were purchased legally, they were obtained illegally and, despite what they would make popular belief, are simply not the cause of the problem. Adam Lanza had some serious and obvious mental problems that should have been addressed earlier in his life, but no one cared enough to actually have him treated.

Gun advocates claimed that, given the right to carry in school, many lives could have been saved because at least one adult might have had a gun. They fail to realize the reason that carrying has not been allowed in public schools. Teachers get angry with students no matter the age. I have seen teachers lash out in anger and I would not want that teacher carrying a gun. What we need to focus on, in light of the horrific event, is security. This focus on “gun control” no matter which side we fall on in the debate, has stolen our attention from the action that needs to be taken and will actually help in the future.

I was talking with one of my student’s mother the other day. She claimed that, yes, metal detectors were present within the school and students were required to go through them, but only once and not if they are late. If schools have any security, it can be maneuvered around. Some schools have a security guard or two. All I am saying is that, many improvements can be made to security at each school. Really, the problem runs deeper than that.

This shooting could have been prevented completely if 1)someone would have cared enough about Adam Lanza to get him help, 2)if bullying and stereotype discrimination was not so prevalent and 3)if security measures were taken to prevent such an atrocity (gunman drills, armed security etc.).

As for me, I will not take an event like this one and use it to push some political agenda. This country needs Christ, and will not get better if it does not turn to Christ as a nation. Sadly, I don’t see this happening in our future, no matter how many people push for it.

What I have to offer, practically then, is this. We must not rely on the government to solve our problems! According to the Huffington Post, there have been 19 mass shootings within the last five years without any “immediate action” or preventive action at all from the government, only empty promises. If we want security, we must take action and make our schools more secure. If we want God to move in this country, we, God’s people, must begin to pray and live as though we are actually citizens of God’s kingdom. We must show others the love that Christ has shown us. We must care for even those who are loners and misfits. The government has shown that it only cares about external conflict, and even then retreats before it secures the safety of its citizens (Libya, Obama Administration). We must act, the government will not act for us. I for one want to make sure that my future children will have a secure place to go to school.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of ALL the victims. What happened was not right by any standard. I hope you find, though, that even though not everything happens for a reason, God can use anything for a purpose. Those adults and children did not die in vain. God help America.

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