Is it really a good Friday?

While the world falls apart and we experience wars and hear about wars and perceive the dangers of war. Human centered debate rages turning people against one another; people who should be working together. This Friday we constantly see people standing against one another claiming that love should be central. We hear of criminals being released under the guise of justice. We hear of people’s freedoms being limited on the basis of public safety. Natural and man-created disasters rage across our land and our world. Conservatives are clinging to their guns and liberals are fighting for their own hedonism. We adopt ideas and philosophies of the past only to change them in order that we might live according to our own rules. We are divided against our families on the basis of personal happiness instead of on the basis of fighting for what is right. We use religion and science and history to proclaim and convince other of our own agendas. Is today really a good Friday?

By preparing ourselves for this world’s end we will bring this world’s end and with each new philosophy we develop more lies are being created than truth discovered. As I think about what is happening in this world, the words of Christ become more clear. Any attempt to speak the law and love of Christ is met with contempt. Christ did not come to bring peace but a sword. He did not come to support what we were developing as humans. He came to die as a sacrifice so that we might be returned to God. It seems that those who turn to God also turn against the avenues of human generated philosophy (whether that be science or religion oriented). The fact that Christ had to come and die in order that we might be returned to a God that loves us, and the fact that we must wage a war of ideals means that this Friday is very dark. The fact that Christ’s death allows us to be raised to new life makes this a good Friday.

Matthew 10:32-39

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