What My Graduation Actually Means

People in my life, those who have impacted my life and those I look up to (both friends and family) continue to congratulate me on my accomplishments over the last four years.

I am the first person in my family to graduate from a university and I did so earning some rewards and special recognition. In four years I have helped start some campus ministries, reached people with literature (publishing four books and writing for a newspaper), been employed at a church and impacted the lives of both students and their families. Still, what does it mean that I have accomplished much?

The answer is simple and may intrigue some and surprise others. My accomplishments mean nothing. It is God’s accomplishments through me that mean everything. It is because of God that I even have a reason to accomplish something like graduation from a university and further study in a Master’s program. If it were not for the commission Christ gave to all believers before His ascension, there would be no benefit in pursuing education at all. This is what education means as far as I am concerned: that Christian people gain a greater platform on which to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. It is for this reason and this reason alone that I even pursue education, and pursue it holistically.

In light of this, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has congratulated me, and while I have accomplished much, I hope that the focus of my accomplishments will always be Christ and the work of the Gospel for which I strive to accomplish anything in this world. I hope that my accomplishments will inspire those connected to me to pursue a life worthy of our high calling in Jesus Christ: to live in service to others, to love like no one else can and to accomplish much so that the Gospel will be heard like it has never before been heard! For, the time for the work of Christ’s Gospel grows shorter with each passing second and the urgency of that work remains. As pagan culture grows more popular and false gods are worshiped more and more, let each of us be diligent in God’s work. Let us work quickly and pray often. Let us have longevity in ministry and let us be the light in this dark world. Let us follow Christ; denying self and taking up the cross that Christ would have us carry. My accomplishments are only valuable as a platform for God’s work. Let your accomplishments serve the same purpose, for I am convinced that it is the only worthwhile purpose for any accomplishment on this earth.


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