Rational and Irrational (thinking atheist?)

If there ever was a point at which nothing existed, then there is nothing to truly learn and education is irrelevant. This is why all intellectuals must believe in some sort of eternity; else they are living contradictions.

A vast intellectual community in these modern times seems to hold fast to the idea that nothing outside of this natural world exists. What we see is what we get and what we get is nothing beyond or unbound by nature. It is thought that nature can reveal all things to us and that naturalism or materialism is the only view that can be accepted by someone who hopes to learn or to value rational thinking. To this community, I only wish to pose one question. This question is not unique to me, but I do believe it is an important issue with which the naturalist must contend.

  1. Truth, by definition, cannot be arbitrary because a contradictory truth can easily develop and truth cannot exist where contradiction prevails.
  2. If nature is all we have to learn from, and we are a part of that nature, then knowledge from nature is dependant on human reason.
  3. If humanity develops truth for humanity, then truth according to the human mind is arbitrary.
  4. If truth is arbitrary, then it is not truth because it is contradictory to itself.


The question I hope to pose, then, is this: how can a naturalist achieve any intellectual pursuit responsibly and rationally? For, the only proof we could possibly have of truth’s existence would be that there was a standard for truth separate from the arbitrary knowledge of the human mind. Since the human mind is undoubtedly a member of the natural realm, this standard must also be separate from nature. To accept the notion of truth is to accept the existence of a metaphysical world. Even for truth to exist in a metaphysical world, there must be a standard for its existence following the same line of reasoning already presented. If there is no standard for truth in the metaphysical world, then truth is arbitrary even in the metaphysical world and according to the minds within that metaphysical world, if indeed there are minds within the metaphysical world. It is necessary for there to be a meta-metaphysical reality and a meta-meta-metaphysical reality and so on. If this continues, then truth can never be attained because there would an infinite regression of metaphysical realities taking an infinitely equal amount of time to transmit those truths to this natural world. If this were the case, no human would ever arrive at truth, and there are so many who believe to have attained it.

Instead, for there to be any truth at all, there must be a beginning for both the metaphysical and the physical: a starting point. There must be a single uncaused entity in which truth has been founded and in which truth can be discovered by both the metaphysical and the physical realities. Thus, the existence of God is necessary to the existence of the intellectual; else he would not be able to learn.

Do not assume, though, that I have offered a proof for God. Instead I have offered God’s existence as a proof that truth can be attained. For, if anything in nature proves God’s existence He must then be subject to that nature and, by definition, cannot be God. Inversely, if God is the proof of all things, then we can be confident in the knowledge we attain and can hold nature as a consistent entity; studying it and learning from it. We can also, in this case, trust that God has revealed Himself through nature, not nature through God. Nature can never be a proof for the existence of God. God’s existence, however, is the only reasonable proof for the existence of nature and the existence of truth.

To the naturalist, I hope to encourage you to seek something greater than what can only be revealed in the arbitrary human mind.

To the one who knows of God’s existence, I hope to encourage you to continue learning, for if we ever stop learning we become naturalists at heart even if we are not in mind.

To everyone, allow me to encourage you concerning the Christian scriptures. I do believe in the God of Abraham and hope that you will consider this one true God in light of all other proclaimed gods. I pray that you will consider man’s fall from grace and God’s offer to restore each man to Himself. I pray that you will consider the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as a substitute for the debt each man owes such a God. I pray that you will declare this God the Lord of your life and trust Him with your eternity.

As for the atheistic contention described in the above photo, it reveals much about some atheist minds. If the atheist desires to place the burden of proof upon the theist, the he has grown content with the lack of knowledge he has rather than being a student of truth. He does not care for truth because he is not willing to reasonably consider various truth claims. I have already described why it would be irrational to try and prove God. It would subject Him to our proof of Him. I have also described why God must exist as a proof for reality and for truth, if indeed we are to believe in the existence of reality and truth.

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