This Rain

Rain, no matter how violent it may be, sustains life.


Simply listening to its sound against the windows of my dwelling place creates a peace from strife. And when I think about those windows, I remember that what I do, think and believe now is leading to a future that I cannot yet see. Rain sustains life.


I watch as every ripple created by every drop collides with other sets of ripples, reflects and refracts light. And when I think about those ripples, I realize that my existence also creates ripples that collide with others as each one reflects or refracts a reality that may or may not be seen. Yes, Rain sustains life.


I think of my need for that rain: for it to be free of pollution or acid or salt or any detrimental enzymes. I am caused to question whether or not my ripples are having a positive or a negative effect on the world as a whole. Rain sustains life.


I watch the rain falling, not forsaking even the smallest exposed surface and I am forced to dwell on God’s grace and His light. I remember that His grace avoids no exposed surface, that it creates a peace from strife, creates its own ripples and reflects light, is always pure, and, yes, God’s grace sustains life.

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