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Journal Entry 248 [Lunar 1, 400]

It’s been 400 years since we entered the Promised Land. Today is the anniversary. We missed the apocalypse. This story has been handed down through the generations. They told us the story of our exodus from the earth and of how God saved us before we knew what was happening. They told us that everyone believed that the earth would be ravaged by war and natural disaster. Some thought that disease would kill humanity and that the dead would walk again, but that’s not it; not even close.

They tell us that the center of the earth turned dark and cold and that the earth became its fodder. Our fathers boarded craft bound for an empty, unpromising space where mankind had not yet found a habitable place where a living being could exist. They told us that the darkness spread so quickly that there were almost no survivors. Only two shuttles made it out and one went dark not long into the journey. The shuttle our fathers were on floated in space for years before crash landing on a barren planet.

Now here we are in this lush, green paradise. I don’t know how they did it. They said it was a gift from God, but I wonder how much more there is to it than the story they tell us.

“Hey Kendra, I found another body,” a tall black man said as he entered one of the wooden shacks in a remote village, “That’s four this week and all of them in deep craters, and all of them so white.”

“They must all be falling from the sky. I wonder if their ancestors escaped with ours. You remember the stories,” Kendra sat on a log that was in the middle of the one-room dwelling next to what looked like a fire pit.

“Yeah, but why would it take 400 years for these to start falling? And what happens when one falls in the middle of the village? What do we tell the others?”

“We can’t, Lamar!” Kendra urged, “Besides, I have a much better question. Where is the shuttle that may have been carrying these people? What if they have the types of weapons that we hear of in the ancient stories?”

Lamar got silent and the two walked out of the shack only to see much of the village gathering and looking to the sky. “What is that?” they murmured collectively, “It looks like the shrine…”

Lamar and Kendra both looked up and they saw a shuttle coming from the heavens. They watched it until it landed. Lamar looked at Kendra smugly and then turned his attention to the villagers. Kendra, a member of the council, called an emergency meeting.

During the meeting, it was decided that the warriors would stand guard around the village. Up until this point, though, they had little need to worry about external security. There were not even animals on the planet that they inhabited, only a few species of insect that boarded their ancestors shuttle when the earth was lost.

It did not take long, maybe half of a day, before one of the warriors attacked a creature that he had never seen before, killing it. It ran on four legs and had sharp teeth at the front of its jowl that showed even when its mouth was closed. It had pointed ears that stood straight up and was about half the height of a full-grown man.

As his heart started slowing, he heard the footsteps of another creature that sounded much larger than this one. It approached slowly. The closer it got, the more clearly he heard the voice of a man calling through the trees, “Bear, Bear did you find something?”

The warrior readied his bow and pointed it toward the voice. It was not long before a larger animal, carrying a man, came through the trees. The warrior, startled, released his arrow into the air, hitting the man who was mounted on the large mammal. He fell to the ground. As the warrior approached the stranger, the stranger reached to his side and pulled out a small stick. There was a loud bang, and the warrior fell lifeless. He just dropped to the ground.

The village came out to find their lifeless warrior and the creature whose life he had taken. The stranger was gone, and the people were afraid.


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