Oh To Hunt in a Dream

            I woke up and would have looked outside to gauge the weather but the sun had not yet begun to rise. I dressed in the clothes that I had prepared the night before and looked through my pack to ensure that I had packed all the necessary gear for my adventure. I placed my gear in the truck and made my way to a spot that was only known to me.

When I arrived, I quietly exited my vehicle, shouldered my gear and reached for my rifle. I could not wait to feel the retentious kick against my shoulder. I quietly made my way to the cliff from which I would make my shot. I had been in this area before and knew for sure that there was regularly present a Buck of decent age and size. I settled in well before sunrise, pointing my rifle down from the cliff and in a reasonable direction.

The grass there was lush and green. I could feel it and thought it odd, for there is a usual chill that comes along with the rut. Nevertheless, I felt optimistic. As light peered over the horizon and through the trees, I saw the glisten of ice on the somewhat open land before me. It was above me why the ground below was icy while I enjoyed the lush green grass on the cliff.

Soon I heard the crunching of the ice as a creature of decent size approached from an area that I could not see. My heart began to pound. I knew that this was my buck. I aimed my rifle toward the cliff base and peeped through the mounted scope. Despite my eagerness, I kept my finger off the trigger. This would wait until my target was clear.

From behind the base, I saw another man creeping toward where I suspected the deer would soon be. It was a man I recognized, and a good man at that. He lived nowhere near me and I expected not to see him for a very long time.

I drew my rifle back. I would not take aim if it endangered a human life. In fact, I knew that if I wanted this buck, I would need to climb down off the cliff and position myself for his entry. So I did.

When I got down to the lowlands, I was surprised to see that it was just as green and lush as the cliff top. Now, being able to look toward the cliff top, I looked and beheld wonder as I saw the gleaming rays of the sun refracting in the ice there that did cover the earth. I hid in the tall grass awaiting the magnificent deer for which I came. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw, up on the cliff, the same man position himself and point his rifle toward the base of the cliff.


This was an actual dream that I had recently.

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