The joy inside the young woman’s heart reflected the amount of water available for her community and her life’s faucet only dripped. The earth was dry, and so was her life. Drip.

One day she heard of a place where the thirst of the body and the thirst of life could be satisfied. She went home and told her family. Since the community was lifeless and without one of life’s essentials, the family began the journey, carrying what little they had, to the place that they heard gave life. Drip.

Late in their journey, the family came upon a building where a group of people met day and night in song. Life poured from the spring within the hearts of those people and the well was full. Drip.

The family asked for water, and they received life. Pour.

How many hearts stop dripping before they even begin to pour?

Support the life-giving efforts of our sister churches in Africa: http://thewaterproject.org/water-missions/churches-helping-churches

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