The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book IV (Social Networking)

            Prostitute led Christian into the library. Immediately, Christian noticed the abundance of information available. Anything that anybody had written and published could be found. There was a section labeled electronic and a section labeled print. Christian was drawn to browse through what was available in the electronic section. One this half of the library, there were several subsections including the names of several popular social networks. There he met a woman whose name was Selfie.


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“Hey!” she greeted Christian as she noticed him browsing through the collection of books, “Can I help you find anything specific?”

“I am not sure,” Christian admitted, “This is an overwhelming quantity of information. What do you recommend?”

Selfie led Christian to a shelf on which were several thick books. She pulled one off the shelf and handed it to Christian.

Christian thumbed through the book, noticing that on virtually every page was at least one picture of the woman who handed him the book. “I did not know you were published.”

“In this day,” Selfie replied, “Everyone is published.”

Christian handed the book back to her, “I am curious. Why did you hand me this book when so many are available?”

“I wanted you to see my photos,” Selfie answered, “Did you like them?”

“Sure,” said Christian, “can I ask you an honest question?”

“Yes, of course.”

Christian took a deep breath, “Why do you publish yourself, assuming that people actually want to hear from you? Isn’t that kind of self centered?”

“I could ask the same of you.” Answered Selfie.

She led Christian to another shelf and handed him another book. Christian opened the book and saw his very own words, some of which he was not very proud of and some of which he wrote as a new citizen of the Kingdom some time before and he now knew those words to be false.

“Like I said,” Selfie remarked, “everyone is published.”

Christian placed the book back on the shelf, “Why do you seem so happy to know that people can see everything you say?”

“People like me.” Selfie said.

Christian pointed to Selfie’s book, “Do people like you, or do they only like your photographs?”

“Is there a difference?”

“Well,” Christian answered, “Are your pictures actually you?”

Selfie was reluctant, “Well, no. I guess not.”

“Then, how do you know that people actually like you? I mean. If you chose not to publish any pictures, would you still be considered worth as much?” Christian asked.

“I do not know,” admitted Selfie, “Would you be worth as much if you did not publish yourself for the world to see?”

Christian thought for a moment. Social networks did ascribe a certain worth to individuals. He wondered if that worth was false, deceiving people who bought into their inconspicuous deception; people who bought the idea that self-worth was based on what people thought of them of what people thought of the things they shared publically.

“Excuse me,” Selfie re-attained Christian’s attention, “Who are you without your publications?”

Christian replied, “I am a subject of the King, and therein is my worth. It is a worth I will always have, even if I accomplish nothing according to the world.”

The room got brighter and Selfie was silent. The worth that Christian described was a deeper worth than Selfie had ever imagined. There were even times when she experienced a slight depression when her publications received little interest. This worth that was described could not change once attained.

“How do I gain this worth?” Selfie asked.

Christian was a little surprised at the question. Here, the one person who seemed the most self-centered wanted to gain a worth that was deeper than that of self-indulgence, “You must be more concerned with honoring the King than gaining attention for self.”

“Why would the King even want me?” asked Selfie.

“The King desires that all people come to Him. He considers all people to be worth at least that much.”

Selfie took the book that contained many of her pictures and threw it into the fireplace.

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