Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools?

            Yes, that’s right. According to the ACLJ, public schools are requiring students to think from the perspective of Islam.[1] While at first glance, we should be outraged. I want to take a moment and think through this.

Firstly, the assignment is a middle-high school assignment, requiring students to write from the perspective of a Muslim. The ACLJ notes that while requiring students to consider Islam, the public school system is persecuting Christianity more and more. Students are discouraged from bringing Bibles to school and discouraged from praying (at least in an obvious manner). The ACLJ makes the claim that public schools are to be places of religious freedom. While this type of assignment does not infringe upon an individual’s freedom to worship his god, it does require that students pretend, for a moment, to worship the god of Islam.

Secondly, this assignment reveals one of the shortcomings of all public school education. With or without Common Core, students are all expected to achieve according to the standards of the school board and according to certain national standards. Here is where I will speak from my own experience. I breezed through high school. Not once do I remember studying for anything and I honestly felt as though I learned more on my own than I did sitting in a classroom. School literally bored me. I slept through class, spent five minutes before class doing homework and did well on all my tests. Thus, when I entered into college, I was not prepared because I had not ever learned how to study. I required a more intensive education in high school and I did not get it because education was standardized. There are also those who require a less intensive education and they do not receive according to their needs because education is so standardized.

Thirdly, it seems logical to say if a school is to, by the laws of a religiously free nation, refrain from teaching or advocating religion, then it is to refrain from teaching all religion (which means to refrain from giving this sort of assignment). This also means that if our students and faculty cannot openly practice Christianity, the same should be true for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Paganism, Rastafarianism, Existentialism etc… With this limitation, though, schools are left teaching only math, technology and athletics.

  1. Science cannot be taught because it has religious implication. Science either forms world view or its evidence is interpreted by world view. One’s worldview, in many cases depends strictly upon his religion.
  2. Literature cannot be taught because all things written are written by people who themselves have a world view. Not one piece of literature is unbiased enough to teach in a religious free zone. No more Beowulf, no more Odyssey and no more Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Language and grammar cannot be taught because languages, including English, evolve within culture and cultures are always religiously active.
  4. Music cannot be taught because it has developed within religious context. The current context of majority musical development is sexual paganism.

There may be more subject matter, but this list will suffice. It is obvious that public schools are not religion free zones. Since Christianity has been removed from the curriculum in many ways, not only Islam, but also secularism and paganism have moved to the forefront of what students are learning. We would not see this double standard if standardizers were not so afraid of the Bible or of Christians. The public school, as it is today, does not give religious freedom. It is involved in the worst sort of indoctrination. I would argue that, above all else, it teaches students to worship the government, which is a problem that the writers of the New Testament (particularly John the Revelator) had to deal with directly. Through the public school, the US seems to be creating a religion of emperor worship.

This is only one reason why the government needs to remove itself from the public education system and once again allow parents and teachers to meet together and determine the best curriculum for the local body of students. In fact, if any laws are written in regard to the public school, they should enable teachers to teach well and to teach holistically, not restrict them from honestly presenting necessary material.

Without further ado, I am going to write the assignment given by the instructor in Madison, Wisconsin.

Hello. I am a Muslim from Palestine. My parents became Christians and we had to move to the United States to escape persecution. You would not believe the things that I have seen. I do not agree with my parents’ decision. Christians are weak and they believe that Jesus was actually God and that he died. This is weird to me. How can God die? How can a man be God? There is no God but God!

I am at this school where the teacher wants me to write a paper about my life as a Muslim. Just like any other Muslim, I go to Mosque, I read daily the Quran and I pray five times a day. My parents speak often of the importance of being good citizens here in America, but I am a Muslim and my nation is Islam. No Muslim can be a citizen of another nation. God is the only King. This is why God desires that we take new land and force all others to become Muslim. This idea of religious freedom is funny. Why would people want that?

I remember reading in the Quran today about the Christians and the Jews. As long as they pay their taxes to the state of Islam, they should be allowed to worship God. But Christians and Jews in America do not pay the tax. I look around at my school and there are so many Christians who are afraid of Muslims. I’m not sure that I understand. Perhaps it is because when they do not pay the tax, they are to be persecuted even unto death. If everyone worshipped God, there would be no persecution.

As I was reading, I thought about my parents. They are infidels and they do not pay the tax. They have committed treason. According to Sharia Law, which covers the whole earth, they are to be put to death. That is why they had to move here. What Americans do not understand is that Muslims living in the United States are bound more to Sharia than to the United States government, but many Muslims here are too watered down and too scared of men. They do not understand that God has all power. They will get serious about Islam eventually. After all, how can one be Muslim and not obey the words of the prophet?

Anyway, at the end of the day I eat with my family (though I plan on leaving when I am 18). I pray once more and then go to bed. The next day, I wake up and go to school. I am so glad that they are finally teaching my fellow students to be Muslim. It will make things much easier when the nation of Islam takes this land as well.[2]


[2] let the reader know that I do not think this way nor do I condone any philosophy that advocates this sort of thought. Biblical Christianity teaches submission, even to worldly governments because God has placed the authorities (Rom. 13).

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