The Pilgrims Relevancy Book X: when pastors lead astray

Christian and his companions stepped out of the building only to see a strange man looking intently at his cell phone while walking. The trio watched him as he nearly ran over Witness and even then he was hard-pressed to look up from his phone.


Book I, Book XI


            “Technology will kill ya,” Critic passively insisted.

“Easy for you to say,” the man looked as his phone again, “I can’t miss a single call.”

“Why not?” Witness asked.

“Well, I have about 300 people who depend on me,” the man answered, “I am one of the ambassadors here.”

Christian held his hand out to shake the hand of the second ambassador they had met in this city, “My name’s Christian and we just met Aspirant.”

“Well, nice to meet you,” the man replied, “My name is Gratify.” Immediately, he looked back to his phone and began typing something.

“How do you do it?” Christian asked, “I mean keep up with 300 people all the time. I find it difficult to keep up with my own responsibilities and couldn’t imagine keeping up with everyone else’s too.”

“What?” Gratify asked as he looked up from his phone, “Listen, I have to be somewhere to visit somebody. I’ll see you guys later.”

The trio watched as the man darted into the embassy and returned walking down the street toward a building that looked a lot like a hospital. “Now that is odd,” Witness stated as she watched the glass hospital door close down the street.

Critic turned toward Christian and Witness, “The sad thing is, that’s just about how everyone is here in this city.”

Christian shook his head, “How can he be an ambassador to anyone if he is trying to be an ambassador to everyone?” It did seem true that when any leader strained himself with all the responsibility he would never be able to do anything adequately. Delegation was so important.

Witness replied, “I don’t know. It seems like he should be able to enlist someone else to help, or maybe this is about power.”

“That’s an interesting thought,” replied Critic, “It does seem as though someone who assumes all responsibility either doesn’t trust others or wants everyone to rely on him. I didn’t notice this before, but we really do hurt ourselves when we are so selfish. Don’t we?”

Christian began walking toward the hospital, “I think so. Plus, if an ambassador causes everyone to rely on him, he cannot encourage them to rely on the King and he fails to be an ambassador. It seems to me that any ambassador who acts this way actually makes himself king in the lives of the people; leading them away from the King instead of to Him. It really is all about power, even if the ambassador doesn’t realize it.

The three walked toward the hospital, but before they got to the door they saw News and Film arguing. They had been in every city thus far, but never with such hatred for one another. The three walked toward them.

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