• Evolution and creation are diabolically opposed. One cannot be true without the other being false. Think about this: Evolution proclaims, man came through a process of death. God’s word says, by man came death (1 Cor. 15). Evolution: death=man; Creation: man=death. Also, consider Romans chapter one which tells us that God is clearly seen through the creation, so much so that God says they are without excuse. He says, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (1:22). My friends we are living in a day full of wise fools.(1:18) says they, “…hold the truth in unrighteousness;”

    There is much truth against the lie of evolution. Evolution is their religion. It cannot be proven, therefore you must have faith to believe it. We believe “In the beginning God” They believe in the beginning rock. Check it out.

    God bless you, Preacher Ken

    • Thanks for your input, Ken! This is one of the reasons I find evolution a difficult concept to buy in to as well. My fear, though, is that we read too much into this text. The only thing I think we can know for sure according to the text is that there was no human death before the fall. We might be able to conceive of a world in which there was a progression of evolutionary transitions leading up to God’s creation of humankind. Then God placed His image on humankind. Afterwards they rebelled against Him and earned death. This is how many of my close friends choose to look at the text because they are convinced that evolution is the way by which God chose to bring about living creatures. In this view, 1 Cor. 15 is seen as specifically referring to human death (and I actually think this is a good way to see 1 Cor. 15). To illustrate the point, we might ask how the serpent in the garden was able to be corrupted. People had not yet sinned, yet there was some sort of corruption in God’s creation because the serpent clearly acted against God. This remains if the serpent is Satan himself, for Satan was a fallen creature living on the earth even before humankind fell. If there could be corruption in creation prior to the Fall, then we can at least conceive of there existing death outside of the human race before humankind fell from God.

      I say all this not to argue in its favor. I am a literal six-day guy. I say all this to outline that there is a reasonable way to believe otherwise and that those who believe otherwise do not necessarily forsake Scripture. We would do well to make the Gospel the central focus of our message rather than spending so much time telling the world that it is wrong every time it makes a claim (especially when those claims disagree only with our own thoughts and not with Scripture). Perhaps we should not profess ourselves to be wise.

      Evolution, specifically Darwinian unguided evolution driven by random mutation and natural selection, has become a sort of religion to so many. People do use their belief in such an evolution as an excuse to not believe in Christ or in the existence of God. This, though, is to their own detriment. Our objective is to love them and share the message of Christ with them. Our goal as we approach the natural world is to do our best, with the imperfect cognitive facilities we have in the current state of affairs, to discover the truth and not to claim that we are always right in everything that we think. Humility is so important.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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