One of the questions asked recently by one of our students was this: How can we know that the Bible is actually true and that Christianity actually gives a true account of things?



Let me just start by saying, this is the question we have to answer in our lives and it takes a lifetime of struggling in order to answer this question.

Because this is the case, I will simply answer by telling why I believe the Bible to be true.

This will be a simple case and does not address the depth of evidence.

  1. I will start where Ravi Zacharias starts. That is, I believe that there is a category of truth.
    • Truth exists.
    • If someone does not believe truth exists, then I might ask on what basis he makes the claim that truth does not exist; for no proposition would be possible.
  2. I will continue by looking at the fact that the Bible is a religious document like no other.
    • It consists of 66 books written over a period spanning thousands of years, by about 40 different human authors.
    • In the cases that are currently testable, the Bible has been found to give a historically accurate account of past events.
    • No true contradiction has been found.
      1. Where people have claimed contradictions in the text, those apparent contradictions have been addressed in a way that makes sense.
    • Where many prophesies have been made, those prophesies have come to pass.
      1. Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Christ was written 700 years before Christ and a copy was even dated to 120 years before Christ.
      2. We have a physical copy from Qumran that we know was written before Christ.
    • Furthermore, it has been translated accurately.
      1. When we compare the copies we have today with the earliest copies we have found, we see very little difference and these differences don’t change the story or the message at all.
    • The Bible has been scrutinized for at least hundreds of years and has stood the test of time.


In this short response, I can’t do the conversation justice, but at least I can say that the Bible deserves our attention. If the Bible is a true account of things, then we can trust it to provide us with truth. If Christianity is a Biblical worldview, then Christianity gives a true account of things.

For further investigation, we might have to ask the question epistemically. No one can have knowledge of past events (That is except for God and those who are now gone from us but were there). All we can have regarding past events is faith that either we have constructed those events accurately or that the events have been recorded accurately for us.