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Hey, friends!

I wanted you to know that You Can’t is now available for free! If you did not get a chance to purchase the book when it came out earlier this year, no worries! I want to thank you for your support and announce my next project. I greatly appreciate your commitment to growing in Christ and to share the gospel by sharing my blog and books with others.

Please feel free to share this free download with as many people as you would like. I don’t do this for the money. With every share, more people are exposed to the Gospel. Print this book off, send it in emails, share it on social media, take it to work, take it to church, and let us witness Christ continue the good work that He has started! My last book had thousands of readers, and I hope this one will have thousands more for God’s glory!


You Can't Front
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How to live a satisfying life

How to experience joy

How to grow closer with God

How to grow a church

How to have a successful marraige

How to be  saved

In a culture of self-help and “do-it-yourself,” I have to wonder if we have lost the true message that Christ has to offer. While many churches are now preaching a false “how-to” gospel, the text of Scripture is so clear, comforting, challenging,  and worth so much more than the shallow rantings we hear from most people who presume to follow Christ.


As for my next project, let me just give you a sneak peak:


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Love you all, and can’t wait to hear what God is doing in your lives!

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