The Kavanaugh Effect

No reasonable person is speaking out against Dr. Ford, and rightly so. Those who continue to lambast her probably need a good punch in the face, and the Honorable Judge Kavanaugh probably needs a few beers after what Senator Graham referred to as a political “Hell” metaphorically engulfed him in flames. Who I saw during the hearings were two victims. Dr. Ford was heard. She believes her own story and many others with her. I believe something happened like what she described. My heart is broken for her and others who are sexually attacked. The judge believed her, also. He did not blame her. He did not accuse her, though one Senator accused him of doing so, of attacking him or of committing political sabotage. This was clearly what the generations before us would refer to as a “witch-hunt,” and the judge, along with the thundering warrior riding the elephant in the room, pointed his finger at the witch hunters.

This is The Kavanaugh Effect, not to be confused with that hidden camera magic television show. This has real implications and shows us exactly where we are as a society. Today, I am not riding an elephant. I am not riding a donkey. I am a spectator at the new Barnum and Bailey’s show.

I know of another witch-hunt. Perhaps we could learn much from it. Not only have our congressmen and women ignored the foundational philosophies of our political forefather, Locke, but it also seems they haven’t read the story that is even more foundational than that. There was an aspiring judge who was working toward sitting on the high court in his own country. He was placed on trial before two parties. The two parties, 2,000 years ago, fought with one another instead of dealing with the issue at hand. Yes, I am referring to the Apostle Paul. Judge Kavanaugh, you seem to be in good company.

Paul was never accused of sexual assault. The accusations against Him were actually much worse in that society. Paul was on trial for teaching a correct understanding of the law in a day when it had been largely ignored and altered by the interpretations of several on the high court. The political elite hated him for it, just as the hunters winced when the judge defended Dr. Ford and proved that he was interested in actually defending the constitution of the United States. How dare he. We must get rid of him. How dare he defend the woman that we are trying to defend. How dare he tell us how the FBI works. We must make it seem as though he hates this woman. We must make it seem as though he is not willing to be investigated. How very double-tongued.

Paul went before the court, and you can read it in Acts 22:30-23:11. In contrast to the circus we witness, the whole of the court was against Paul. Paul was actually on trial. In the midst of the two parties (Pharisee and Sadducee), Paul stated, “I am a Pharisee, a son of Pharisees. I am being judged because of the hope of the resurrection of the dead.” That was one issue that divided the two parties in Paul’s day. Immediately, the two parties erupted against one another and the court assembly was divided down the middle. Paul’s trial was no longer about his actions. It was about political superiority. The Kavanaugh Effect.

A seventh FBI investigation found no evidence to support any claims made, yet the same conversation is being rehashed. A circus is entertaining. A repetitive circus is ridiculous, and the carney’s surely can’t wear those costumes too long. I am not claiming, here, that the hunters are the only ones in the wrong. What I am suggesting is that this is nothing new. This is what people are like. Because the President of the United States (POTUS) made this nomination, the judge will be rejected by some who hate the president purely by association. He will also be defended by some who love the president purely by association. This is wrong on both sides. Even though the judge has served impartially for many years, liberals will try to keep him out of office while conservatives will push him through. This is naive, even foolish on both sides.

“What is the source of wars and fights among you? Don’t they come from your passions that wage war within you?”

That came from James 4:1. Think about that. There really is only one basic thing that causes conflict in any body, selfishness. If you, oh politico, are so enamored with your own desires, how will you serve your people? Yes, there is much we can learn from history. This is The Kavanaugh Effect.

Selfishness leads to foolishness leads to unwarranted conflict leads to death.

Let’s just call it what it is- sin. By sin, you vilify even those who are working for your good. To those who are working for others’ good genuinely, we stand in good company. This is the other side of the Kavanaugh Effect.

Selflessness leads to persecution leads to understanding leads to life.

What’s that one called? Sanctification (at least for those who know Christ). We are sheep among wolves, but the meek will inherit the earth. One day, Christ will set all things right and each one will give an account of him or herself before the true impartial judge, Jesus. Ford’s attackers will answer. Kavanaugh’s attackers will answer. I will answer. Indeed, today I am neither on an elephant or on a donkey. I’m somewhere else, a fellow sinner in need of God’s amazing grace and forgiveness and direction out of this vicious cycle that the thundering warrior riding the elephant in the room so accurately referred to as Hell.

Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, we witness the continued political polarization of people who create social justice problems where none exist. This is how the pieces continue to break apart. This is how human selfishness tears down a society. Kavanaugh was confirmed, and now somehow it is suggested sexual assault is not being taken seriously. If Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed, it would somehow be suggested that all young men would be assumed automatically to be predators. I’m going to leave that here. We’ve created this mess for ourselves. We need rescue.


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