Hello 2019

2018 (and 2017) were brutal years for us personally, but great years for ministry. Those of you who follow our ministry know some of our struggles. We are confident that God is working all things together, that He is doing so for His own glory, and that all He works together for His glory works together also for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So, we wanted to celebrate what God has done through this personal ministry in the last year and tell you about some things to look for in 2019!

    1. We had the opportunity to preach the Gospel in more places as we searched for the church God wanted us to be in.
    2. We started our ministry at The Church at Sunsites, and the people here are hungrier for the word of God than I have ever seen in any local church where we’ve served.
    3. We more than doubled our worldwide reach!
      1. 8,000 reads in 2017 became more than 17,000 reads at christoa.com in 2018!
      2. People tuned in to watch or listen more than 8,900 times.
      3. We added 2 more books for your enjoyment and growth (be sure to download those free or order them anywhere)!
      4. We reached into 143 countries with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, including China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the UK, India and Russia!
      5. This ministry is proof that God uses insufficient people to do His mighty work in the world.

How can you get involved in the work God is doing through christoa.com?

    1. We don’t ask for any money. Read, watch, listen, share, download and subscribe! Most importantly, pray for the ministry we do. It is the outpouring of the work in the local church where we serve and our local church body joyfully supports us as we seek to have kingdom impact.
    2. Ask Questions and give feedback. One of the greatest things we get to do is answer real questions. If you have a question, someone else probably has that question too.
    3. This is the simple type of support that helps us reach so many in every corner of the world for the glory of God.

There will be some new things rolling out in 2019, and I want to share that with you. God has really been laying church planting on my heart, and not in the way that has become the traditional way to plant churches. This week, we will begin talking (by talking, I mean posting) more and more about church planting and how we hope to increase our reach, making disciples of all nations according to and in the way of Scripture. With 17,000 reads and engagement from people in 143 countries, how could we not? It’s time, and we look forward to seeing God work even more through the work we are doing. As a teaser, I want to ask this question: What if one local church could plant 200 other churches in a year and still have a vision that is too small? If you are interested in planting a biblical church, shoot a comment using the contact form. Over the course of this next year we will be building a platform and strategy to train and get church planters/pastors started at no cost to them. We want to enable men who are called to be pastors to focus on doing the ministry of the word. We hope to see great things!

God is so good. We thank Him for giving us a place of service in His kingdom. We can’t wait to see how He brings glory to His own name through the exaltation of Jesus Christ in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in 2019! Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations. Soli Deo Gloria.

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