Ministry Update, making disciples… and releasing them

I remember sitting with a couple friends, Andrew (a different Andrew) and Cody, dreaming about what kind of ministry we could have while in college. Of course, I was prideful- bent on building a kingdom for myself on Christ’s name. No dream that we voiced there would ever come to pass. God would not provide that for our own sakes and for the glory of His own name, and I am glad that He did not. Christoa (which was originally thought of as a band name, btw) would not become a personal public speaking ministry. Instead, it became something far grander, a blog… I didn’t even like to write.

On campus at Oklahoma Baptist University, I was paid $12/week to write a devotional for the campus newspaper. That was cool. Since that’s what I wrote, those are the thoughts I shared on this blog. Even though I didn’t like to write, people read. When I started teaching regularly at a church in Oklahoma City, the youth lessons became blog posts and the audience grew. Through seminary and now in the lead pastorate, the audience for the blog has continued to grow over the 8 years it has been published and I’ve even started developing leadership training material and started another blog specifically for daily devotionals.

It is time for me to decrease.

Of course, all of life and ministry is about us decreasing as Christ increases. I want to raise others up. I want to train teachers and blog-writers and ministry leaders and pastors. I want to see churches planted. Those of you who follow this blog knew this was coming. The plan has been developed. It is simple and it glorifies God alone. If you are interested in starting a Bible Study in your Home, look over the basic plan here. This is how multiplication will happen in our current culture, and it’s biblical. As church leaders, we hurt our own participation in Christ’s mission by trying to hold on to our own influence rather than making disciples who make disciples. You will be extremely discontent as you grow in the maturity of the faith if you aren’t released- holding fast to Christ rather than your pastor or another merely human teacher. To my friends, it is time. It is time to consider more than ourselves. It is time to participate in making disciples of all nations. Soli Deo Gloria.

I am providing all of the material, teaching support, and training at no cost to you.

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