Mission Liberia After One Month

In my personal ministry now, I’ve been planting churches and actively recruiting church-planters worldwide for one month. I have adopted one church, and it is currently our only establishment. I have been sharing the Gospel in another place and am discipling a young man who will hopefully become the pastor of a church-plant there. I am hoping to recruit in two cities near to us in Arizona as well by the end of the year.

Right now it is still a personal ministry, though I am under the authority of our local church and the other elders who serve alongside me there. Doors are opening much more quickly than I expected them to (almost as if God was working all things together from before the foundation of the world). Our one established local church plant in West Africa is doing well according to Biblical standards. They average 60 or more people every week and every week they see people in that area come to know Jesus Christ, even under threat of persecution.

I have learned that it is easier to make connections and to plant churches than people think, though the work on my end is still time-consuming and exhausting. In this month, I have grown even more discontent with the current popular method of sending missionaries and planting churches. The cost alone is counter-productive. The method is largely ineffective. The average cost to support a career missionary, according to the International Mission Board, $59,500/year, which is $4,958/month. Our pastor in West Africa needs $500/month to pay rent (apartment and church building) and feed his family. His apartment doubles as housing for refugees and the church building is currently being used to house people during monsoon season there because the rain is rotting out many of the homes (which our pastor there refers to as old zinc homes). We hear reports of career missionaries being in foreign places for years without seeing any real results and during my one-month training locals and supporting them, we’ve seen more than 20 people come to faith and we have seen more provision being made at one-tenth of the cost.

To be honest, I was worried at first of being taken advantage of. That is our natural tendency, isn’t it? I’ve seen God do more work in this last month through my personal ministry than I have seen my entire life. The reason is not that God is working more. He is doing the same thing that He has always done. I finally got on board with what the Bible had to say explicitly about church planting and decided to be more hands-on. I want to thank those of you who made this last month possible, and I want to invite you to give. We have some bills to pay on our West African pastor’s behalf by the 26th. I am asking my friends to contribute. A portion of my allowance is already dedicated to this effort. Please let me know if you have any questions, if you’d like to see pictures of our church in West Africa (I will only show these to my friends because of persecution there), or if you’d like to donate.

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All money donated here is used for this particular missions and relief work.

We can fund our church plant and our pastor’s family through April for $500 total.

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