Leaving Behind the Past- Pastor Nazareth

We continue to be inspired by our brothers and sisters worldwide who are choosing to partner with us to do ministry. This is a devotional from our pastor in Liberia. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they reach Muslims with the Gospel, provide temporary shelter during storms, and house excommunicated Muslims in their home.



Text : Genesis 19:26, “But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.”
Topic : Lot’s Wife -Leaving The Pass Behind. Flee for your lives! Don’t look back….

Get outta town now! This was the angels’ last warning when Lot’s family made their escape from Sin City ( otherwise known as Sodom ). Because it was so evil, God destroyed this city with burning sulfur raining down from the sky. But he gave Abraham’s nephew, Lot, a chance to escape with his family. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife looked back and immediately “became a pillar of salt” as she was covered by the burning sulfur. “Hullo!” we may say to ourselves. “Why did she turn around?” It’s easy to judge Lot’s wife for doing something really stupid. But think about it. Here’s Lot’s wife-leaving all she ever knew behind her while she’s running frantically toward an unknown future. She’s leaving everything except what she could carry. Her home. All her stuff. Her friends. Her whole life was going up in flames behind her. Wouldn’t you want to turn around for a last look? What is God telling you to run from in your life? When God tells you to move on from friendships that are dragging you down, do you go immediately? Or do you find yourself still hanging around your old friends, scared to move on? Or picture this: a break-up. You’re devastated and hope you’ll get back together even though he’s not good for you. When you get hung up on “what might have been,” it keeps you from seeing “what might be,” God has new and better possibilities in the future-if you will only trust Him. Take it from Lot’s wife. When it comes to letting go of your past, one look back can be your last.


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  • Thank you for your position on ‘Go ye therefore…’
    My prayers go out for our family in Liberia.
    God be with you,

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