New Free Resources Available For Your Personal Growth in Christ

In Hebrews 6, the human author(s) challenge the people to move on from elementary teaching about Christ, not laying again the foundation but moving on to maturity. This is one of my goals. My desire is for our readers and pastors (in training and in the field) not perpetually lay again the foundation of the faith, but increase in understanding and conviction and are conformed wholly to the likeness of Christ. This is my prayer for myself as well.

In March, I attended ShepCon at Grace Community Church in LA with the elders and some other men at our local church. They had several publishing companies present, selling books at a 40% discount! As I browsed, I noticed that almost every book for sale simply laid again the foundation of the faith. There were many books about faithfulness to the word and about the basics of preaching well. I remember having this singular thought as I browsed. I’ve progressed beyond some of these, and I need to increase my understanding. Filling my cart became a little simpler and there were many resources I could benefit from, all Biblically sound.

The Bible is deeper than we can grasp while on this earth. My hope is that you will continue to grow over the course of your life just as I will always strive to become mature and complete and grow in my own understanding. Here are some resources we have added in service to you this month. Click on the link to view/download these resources:

Two devotional commentaries to help in your personal study/devotional time.

Three topical-expository series. One on the nature of the local church, one on Biblical outreach, and one explaining basic Biblical Christian beliefs. There are many forms of Christianity that are not actually in line with the Bible, so I highly recommend that series.

Two parts of our textual-expository series through Matthew’s Gospel (Red Letters). They cover the genealogy and Christ’s birth and childhood. We are taking the time to examine Matthew’s Old Testament references as we work through his Gospel. This is beneficial if you wonder what is so significant about the Old Testament. Matthew was writing to Jews in order to prove that Jesus is the Messiah.

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