Headed Nowhere Fast- Pastor Nazareth

We continue to be inspired by our brothers and sisters worldwide who are choosing to partner with us to do ministry. This is a devotional from our pastor in Liberia. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they reach Muslims with the Gospel, provide shelter, and house excommunicated Muslims in their home. If you would like to contribute financially to our mission work and pastoral training, please click here.


MY DEVOTIONAL WRITING TO YOU ALL. Text : Genesis 16:7-8, The angel of the LORD found Hagar near a spring in a desert…. And he said, “Hagar, servant of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?”

Topic : Hagar – Headed Nowhere Fast.

Poor Hagar was Abraham’s servant-mistress. And get this – she live with Mr. and Mrs. Abraham. So, after God promised Abraham ( first known as Abram) that he would have a child in his old age (see Genesis 15:4), he and Sarah (first known as Sarai) decided – without input from God – that Hagar would be a mother.

Hagar became pregnant with a son they called Ishmael. However, it became pretty clear this was not the son God had promised Abraham. So Hagar got stuck in the middle of a really bad situation that only seemed to be getting worse. Her solution to her difficulties? Running away. The angel who met her on the run prompted Hagar to think about two very important questions. What was she running away from? Being mistreated. An uncomfortable living situation. An inferiority complex – knowing she would always be second – best to the “real” wife. However, besides all the awful things she was running from, God called her to also examine where she was going.

See like Hagar, we’re never really standing still in life. We may run away from our many problems – but where are we going? To better choices? To a promising future? Or are we like Hagar, sitting in the desert – going nowhere fast? Hagar became to realize maybe she didn’t know how to take care of business on her own. When we hit a crisis on our road, what’s our first instinct? Run away ? Hide out if we can? Sometimes it seems like we’re certain we know just what we are doing until God comes along and asks us to consider our ways.


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