Ministry Update- Applying for Nonprofit Status

As many of you know, I started pursuing church planting, pastoral training, and providing humanitarian aid for the purpose of the work of the Gospel at the beginning of the year. Since we started this effort, we have been doing evangelism, church planting, raising up pastors in West Africa and we have started efforts in Arizona. Our efforts are having more of an effect than I dreamed they would, starting out. Before we can do more, we have to be protected as a non-profit organization (I want to be protected from any liabilities). This part of the process, as with the others, came much sooner than I expected. This organization will be registered as a religious association. All church plants will be essentially autonomous. The church planting method will be basically organic. Our goal will be to provide resources and we will have personnel working in cities around the world to facilitate and organize people. We are already seeing this method work. This will cost money, but the result will be worth it because we are not only doing humanitarian aid, supporting impoverished families, but doing so while sharing the Gospel. In fact, the genuine Gospel is and will always be the top priority. This is, essentially, a missions organization. We fund and resource churches who are raising pastors, planting churches, and providing needs in their communities. I am still in the initial stages and beginning to get the paper-work in order.

I want to call on our readers for initial monetary support and for prayer.

I will keep you all up to date on the progress. We are following the instructions of our legal team. If you would like to donate to help with costs, please contact me and I will send you an invoice. Your donations will not only help with this process but will help support pastors/missionaries we are already supporting. We are currently not bringing enough money in to provide for the pastoral and church needs we have on our mission campuses. If you’d like to become a charter supporter and pledge a regular amount, please let me know. Because we are not yet registered, I am only able to accept donations from family and close friends.

Love you all, let’s keep walking in the good works that Christ has prepared. Thank you to everyone who has been a support in this process so far! You are awesome.

If you’d like to see the basic church-planting plan, please click here.

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