New Resources and New Opportunities to Get Involved as We Grow in Our Ministry

A huge part of our ministry moving forward will be providing free resources to pastors and churches around the world. To help and to stir the hearts and minds of pastors and other church teachers, we’ve added a Bible Study Index. We are still compiling material and will be adding material at least once-a-week.

As you use the Bible Study Index, please keep in mind that I, too, experience growth in sanctification, knowledge, and understanding from year-to-year. This will be reflected as you see newer material next to the old. I ask that you please use this resource with much grace. If you desire to know my official view concerning any doctrine, please view my personal doctrinal statement.

We are also compiling material from other churches and ministries to use as we send weekly sermons and leadership training to pastors and churches worldwide. If you would like for your teaching audio/video to be featured and to be added to our list of resourcing churches, please see the FAQ page at to find out how. I have been actively building a worldwide platform since 2011 and I want to give some other good pastors and churches who don’t normally have this type of opportunity the chance to pour into others. This platform is growing each year. Too often, the opportunity to invest only belongs to those who are in bigger, richer churches. The truth is that no piece of iron has more authority than any other piece of iron. They are thrust by the hands of the blacksmith and sharpening is the result. I hope that my friends and fellow pastors will become resourcing churches so that we can hear good teaching from one-another and also work together to support missions around the world in a way that is primarily theological and secondarily financial.

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  • #1. love your new ‘top of the page’ or whatever it is called
    #2. if you persevere in your blog, or whatever it is known by, you will get me to use computers
    #3. another ministry for my prayer list
    #4. i love you in the name of CHRIST

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