Want to Help Plant Christ-Centered Churches?

Dear Fellow Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and Christ-centered Christians;

I have seen some long hours and many of them over the course of the last month. Many of you have been praying for me and over the church-planting ministry that God has been placing on my heart. As you know, we are already supporting a few Christ-centered churches around the world and hope to plant a few more Christ-centered churches around the world and in the United States. I want to invite you to participate with me in Christ’s building of His own church.

We desire to participate in Christ’s Great Commission and many of us are seeing Christ’s word proclaimed in our own communities. When it comes to church-planting and seeing the Gospel reach across the globe, many of us don’t know where to begin. Furthermore, we don’t really feel that involved when we are simply feeding money into missions organizations. Whether you are a pastor, church representative, or lead a ministry of your local church; I am writing this to you because many of you are good teachers and even much better than me. I have no desire to use the ministry that I have seen built to advance my own image or my own name. I desire that my friends and connections who are Christ-centered preachers have a platform on which to make disciples of all nations and train new and existing pastors in the churches that we are planting and supporting. We send resources weekly.

I want to invite you to check out christoa.org to see what we are doing, why, and how. See what sets us apart from other missions organizations in a way that is not competitive. See how we are planting Christ-centered churches and training Christ-centered pastors around the world. There are too many people preaching a false Gospel, too many people exporting the word of faith message, and too many people multiplying their own images and merely launching more campuses. My desire is to exalt Christ as preeminent, promote His work through the local church, and to do so in a way that provides ongoing support and training and that provides other Christ-centered, Bible-teaching pastors and teachers the opportunity to invest spiritually in Christians around the world.

Ways you can get involved as a pastor, church, ministry or individual:


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If you become a resourcing pastor, church, or ministry, we may even publish your book and use the proceeds to support Christ-centered missions.

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  • Well, my brother, I now will check daily your .com and .org sights.
    I look forward to your reporting on Christ building His Church.
    Praying daily for you,

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